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The world is changing incredibly fast. The demand for new and specific skills from the labor market makes harder than ever the adaptation of professional AND personal profiles to the requirements of the market. In addition, new talent scouting and recruiting is focusing more and more on empirical evidences of your skills (the “what”), the way that you apply them (the “how”), and what really drives you (the “why”). Tangibilizing human skills that are the basis of work behaviors such as problem-facing, solutions analysis, and team roles, is a key factor in order to meet the needs in this fast-paced environment. There are no limits to the skills you can showcase, and put into practice in any aspect of your life.
Skyllz by Workkola fulfills this new idea of no limitation of possible skills you can develop, proof, share and use. Skyllz by Workkola aims to build a distributed, meritocratic, transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and empower human skills.

The Market Opportunity

In line with these challenges, the market for innovative, technology-based solutions for skill acquisition and sharing is huge and growing. As an example, the market for edtech solutions is forecasted as of $94b by 2020. And this is just the top of the iceberg. Edtech mainly makes reference to skill-acquisition-related platforms such as e-learning or Learning Management Systems (LMS), but there is still a huge opportunity for technology-based solutions for skills
allocation (online portfolios), skills contextualization (soft skills related platforms) or even skills boosters (platforms that will empower values or will get attitudinal metrics and profiles from their users).

Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP)

 The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is a distributed and open-source skill validation protocol that enables users to validate and empower skills acquisition, allocation, contextualization and boosting freely within and across Skills Touchpoints Applications (STapps) such as e-learning platforms, networking platforms, portfolio platforms, offline education platforms or any other platform that want to benefit from and add value to the Skyllz ecosystem.

The protocol sets the standards to create a cross-platform ecosystem where users acquire, apply or improve a skill on any Skill Touchpoint application (STapp) built on top of it. Users can validate their skills across STapps with Proof-of-Skill (Skyllz reputation) and finance their self-development with Skyllz Tokens.

Disrupting status quo and avoiding biases with a decentralized and anonymized system of  P2P validations of skills thanks to the Raters (that act as oracles between other users and the Smart Contracts).
Proof-of-Skill and Skyllz Tokens are both reflected on the Ethereum Blockchain and are publicly accessible and visible. No single company owns or benefits from the storage of this data anymore. The value is shared among the community in a meritocratic way.
Specially designed for developers and game-changers that want to bring and get value from the SDP. Skyllz APIs (skyllz.io) simplify the integration with the SDP to help the community build or enhance powerful and impactful solutions that will change the world.

Proof-of-Skill (Skyllz Reputation)

The Skyllz reputation, called Proof-of-Skill, is the backbone of the Skyllz Distributed Platform and the Skyllz ecosystem. It is non-tradeable and traceable, and handles the attribution of reputation to specific skills and skill sets that a user possesses directly on the Ethereum Blockchain.Once the requirements of the smart contract are met on a STapp, a variable amount of Proof-of-Skill (depending on the overall resolved rating by the Raters) is attributed to the specified skill evaluated. This amount of Proof-of-Skill is updated by the smart contract(s) on the associated skill of the user’s Ethereum address (annotation on its address). Proof-of-Skill works as reputation and, as a result, is cumulative without any predefined cap.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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