Everyone has been in the situation to walk into a pub and to have no idea what to drink. The situation is similar to CryptoCurrency world. Delirium, in Brussels, have thousands of types of beers and CoinMarketCap has more than 1000 coins. A customer might get confused with this menu.

Our aim is to help the hard drinker to find his magical potion, either if it is a good beer, wine, whisky or vodka. The good mix of drinks will help any visitor to spend a good time in the pub. A bad combination of investments in cryptocurrencies will bring headaches in the morning. This is why our cocktails are the finest and selected with care from Crypto Markets!

Our barmen and cryptocurrency enthusiasts will propose you the best cocktails from the menu. We are treating our clients with care and respect, because they are the pioneers of CryptoWorld. We will drink together and fight against the prohibition! Long live, ICO! Long live, Blockchain!