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AdMine – a new kind of cryptocurrency mining

What is AdMine ?

AdMine is a new kind of cryptocurrency mining where it is not necessary to use computer capacity. The user gets coins for viewing ads on the Internet, evaluating product quality, providing personal data for analytical services, passing marketing quests and testing games. Their is to create a social network of brands based on the Blockchain technology. They want to attract users’ attention to advertising and increase its effectiveness by creating favorable conditions that will enable all participants to benefit from collaboration. The platform will enable the advertisers to become investors, and users may choose directions of advertising that they would like to watch and earn money for views. The platform will enable the advertisers to become investors, and users may choose directions of advertising that they would like to watch and earn money for views.

The technology of connecting users allows saving anonymity in the network when receiving personal advertising suggestions and at the same time providing personal details to the program, which works in autonomous mode without a possibility
for the operator to intervene in its working process. As an supplementary possibility to earn money, users will provide
additional personal information to advertisers free of charge as a part of work with the paid filters technology.

Using their platform, the restaurant administration can customize an advertising campaign independently (without broker’s
help). For this purpose, it is enough to take the following steps:
  • Sign up for free in the system
  • Deposit budget
  • Choose two filters
  • The platform will automatically form an advertising campaign and will select the most suitable advertising markets for promotion
  • The advertiser will only monitor the stats of the offer views and accept clients

AdMine Token

As a part of fundraising for the project development, we have created a company based on ICO. Payments are done by means of a token realizing a local financial system, that doesn’t depend on external currencies and quotations. The volume and allocation of tokens are regulated by a smart contract, which condition of operating is opened to any potential investor.

Main thesis of a fundraising campaign based on ICO:

  • For fundraising for the project development, they launch tokens MediaCoin based on the technology of smart contract of ERC20 standard.
  • Purchased tokens may be used for payments inside the system or to convert them to get profits.
  • The number of tokens is limited to 100 000 000 without a possibility of further emissions.

Electronic wallet

The operation of the platform AdMine is based on the functional work with crypto wallets of the system participants. It allows performing operations of depositing funds to the account using the most common kinds of cryptocurrencies, such as
BTC, ETH and others. Each wallet reflects total gross funds at the current moment in dollars that is a standard practice of
crypto wallets. All kinds of operations inside the system are implemented through the main cryptocurrency AdMine (MediaCoin) which is the basis of the project ICO and belongs to investors until the moment of sell. In the process of the system operation, most of MediaCoin is moving into the circulation, which will contribute to the main and long-lasting growth of their cost due to the increase of demand.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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