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BAZISTA – a new generation trading platform

Bazista is an exchange platform for B2C and C2C that uses new technologies of settlement of accounts between users. Our service enables a user to easily exchange necessary goods and services for cryptocurrency by interacting with other platform users. Bazista will comprise all strengths of such market giants as Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba (rating system, payment depositing, delivery tracking, and transaction arbitration) and bring this business segment to a new technology level owing to using up-to-date exchange instruments.

Bazista is a competitor to the exclusive decentralised platform for trading, C2C OpenBazaar. The difference consists in smooth development of the platform that boasts a user- friendly interface aimed to simplify, to the extent possible, the process of exchange of goods and services by using product promotion technology through other platform users.


For buyers:

  • Payment in a few clicks
  • No hidden commissions
  • Tax free
  • Instant payments
  • Using internal tokens

For sellers:

  • Low commission or commission free transactions
  • Instant payments
  • Additional marketing tools

BZS support and development within the platform

BZS is initially created at the stage of the fund-raising campaign. Then it will include different functions within the project.

  • Developers, founders of and participants in the Bounty programme will get fees in BZS tokens.
  • Creating partnership relations with outside developers will allow using BZS tokens in exchange for their services.
  • Getting tokens in exchange for participation in the referral program.
  • Getting access to additional platform sections, participating in special promotion campaigns, and earning the premium status in
    exchange for tokens.
  • Exchanging tokens for different kind of automation, and fine adjustment of accounts for sellers.
  • Discounts on all platform services when using tokens.

Business Model

This chapter sets out basic mechanisms of financial composition of the platform, standard and additional commissions, the cost of additional services, conditions and amounts of bonuses and benefits granted to Bazista users, and principles of operation of marketing campaigns created within the platform.


A referral programme will serve as an additional source of bringing in users. At the time of registration of a new user they will be assigned a unique referral number by using which they will be able to get amounts for the transactions made on the platform and obtain tokens and additional bonuses for such assistance.

  • Help potential users get to know the platform.

At the time of registration of a new user by clicking the existing referral link, a user owning such link gets a bonus of 30 BZS tokens that will be credited to their account, and 30 more tokens will be credited after a new user obtains verification.

  • Help other platform users sell their goods and services and receive your bonus.

Their platform offers a wide range of opportunities for users that can make money selling other sellers’ goods and services.


If you want more information, visit their ANN on Bitcointalk and the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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