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Bitmora – US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform

Bitmora is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform set to revolutionize the way the digital currency exchange world operates. THey will be bringing a one of a kind trading platform to the market with low fees, enterprise grade security, and a unique voting system designed to put the future of cryptocurrency exchanges in the hands of activists and users alike. Their founders, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino have come together with the intention of creating an exchange that is not only built for the people, but by the people. Their service will provide a platform that allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency in a professional manner and help set the standard for all professional cryptocurrency trading.

Their Goals:

  • Revolutionize the cryptocurrency exchange fee system
  • Establish a voting system that puts the future of cryptocurrency in the hands of users and bitcoin activists.
  • Launch the cryptocurrency world’s best iOS and Android app alongside a web interface that will house both the trading platform and voting system.


Bitmora was founded in May of 2017 by Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino. We are an established C-Corporation business based in Delaware. They are building a service that will allow users to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework upon which cryptocurrency exchanges are built.

Fee System

Fees on current exchanges are unacceptable. Bitmora recognizes the need to change this. Their fee system will allow the user to pick the fee they want, their first step to putting control back into user’s hands. Upon registration, users will be presented with two options: fixed rates or basic percentages. Users will be able to change this at any time by contacting their support team by ticket or phone. However, a seven day “cool down” will be utilized to prevent fee abuse.

Matching Engine

Bitmora will utilize enterprise-performance order matching. With ultra-lean architecture, they will be able to execute 1 million transactions per second with multiple failover safe guards in place. From startup to Q2 of 2018 we will be taking advantage of the cross-exchange order book system, allowing they to take volume from other exchanges if they are unable to fill it on theirs. This will be an automatic process that will keep company’s exchange liquid in movement.

Engine Architecture

The exchange platform will be built on custom-embedded StreamDB database connected to a distributed ledger platform. It will be built from the ground up to allow error-checking and to target multiple volumes for redundancy. With their matching engines design, they will be able to handle over 1 million orders per second, making it one of the fastest on the market today .


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER. Also, you can check the twitter link the be always updated.


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