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Bountie – a platform for gamers in Asia

Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games. By using the latest technology in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, their platform reduces the chances of fraud and high transactional fees. This in turn will open up a new experience in esports and gaming. Bountie is not just a gaming platform. It creates an economy for gamers, which circulates tokens through an ecosystem that would also benefit shoutcasters, game referees, content creators, brand partners and merchants. Bountie’s vision did not originally set out to utilize blockchain technology, but the team decided to go down this path after considering:

1) the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies;

2) the fully automated nature of smart contracts for processing results and sending cryptocurrencies;

3) the increased trust and lower costs from the decentralization of the platform. 

The relationship between Bountie and the game developers works in two ways: in the first instance, Bountie would take a hands-off approach with the developer, to avoid any licensing requirements. Gamers can simply use Bountie’s platform for their entire gameplay experience, which includes, but is not limited to, the organizing and execution of tournaments as well as the safe settlement of tournament outcomes.


Lack of Monetisation

Gamers have limited ways to monetise their skills and time spent on playing games.

Limited Replay Value

Most games have a short life span of 3 to 6 months. Gamers lose interest after completing a typical game

Winner Takes All

The top 3% of the gaming community receives 90% of the investment and prize money in esports.

No Gamer Search Engine

Professional bodies have trouble finding talented gamers because there is no centralized and detailed public platform which contains accurate gamer profiles, rankings, and stats.

Not Enough Competitions

The majority of gamers are fond of participating in esports. However, the current landscape is limited in competitions and avenues for nonprofessionals and elite professionals.

Decline of Career Opportunity

The increased number of jobs nowadays is made redundant due to automated systems and AI in the near future.


Great Gamer Profiling and Matchmaking

Bountie’s platform will allow gamers to create their profiles, store their gaming stats, and also find suitable team members and players to practice and play with.

A New Way To Earn A Living

Bountie allows gamers to get paid doing something they love and are good at. They can make money through competitive gaming and content generation within the platform.

Lots of Tournaments & Challengers

Bountie will feature a seasonal leaderboard and weekly tournaments for gamers to compete and earn Bountie Tokens from. Plus they get to know how they stand among the best players in Asia, as well as give them more reasons to continue playing.

Advanced Blockchain Technology

Bountie aims to “tokenise” cryptocurrency. By doing this, Bountie Tokens will be protected by an unhackable system and add more layers of security, especially when real world money is involved.

Uniquely Bountie

Tournament API

They aim to become a Software As A Service (SAAS) company for the gaming industry. They will do this by creating technology that will charge video game publisher a subscription fee in order to give them access to tournament-hosting services, gaming solutions, and unique APIs. The tournament API in particular would allow games from their client game publishers to be seamlessly linked to platform. Additionally, the information that they pull from the games will be pushed to their comprehensive gamers profile which will also be available to the publishers.

Tournament Fees

This segment is Bountie’s biggest revenue generator. They will be taking a small transaction fee per tournament / match that they organize on platform. This will be their biggest revenue generator because of the sheer scale of activity that will be seen on platform. Scalability of platform means that Bountie will be able to simultaneously host thousands of tournaments and earn fees from each one.


Bountie Tokens will be created using Ethereum’s ERC20 Token Standard as it enables us to control their Tokens in a formalized and standardised manner. They will be using its functions to issue, distribute, and control the Bountie Tokens.

Bountie is implementing smart contracts on their Token sales, as well as platform functionalities like player registration fee, leaderboard pool split, pool-to-platform split, and referral programs for a start. The use of smart contract will allow Bountie to take advantage of the security that the Ethereum protocol provides without having the technical complexity to monitor and execute the conditional logic needed for the above transactions. These transactions would then be verifiable via the blockchains. This makes fraud and tampering impossible.

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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