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Coinvest platform

Coinvest is an open source technology platform dedicated to creating decentralized tools for consumers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest in cryptocurrencies. Individuals will be able to customize portfolios of cryptocurrency assets. The project hopes to act as a simple alternative compared to the complex, fragmented and poor quality investment options currently available in the market. Coinvest’s platform will reduce costs, risks, and complexity with investing in cryptocurrencies by creating one wallet, through one COIN token, sent via a Coinvest smart contract.


Trading Rewards

Accumulate COIN rewards with every trade on the Coinvest platform.

 Super Trader

Make profit from trades in your virtual investment portfolio

 Index Fund Management

Collect 50% trading fee revenue from users that invest in your personal index fund

 Value Appreciation

Platform adoption, transaction volume, and buybacks increase COIN Value

How to Use

The most likely scenario in which a user will interact with these contracts is through the Coinvest frontend. In that case, these steps will all be done without the user having to interact with any smart contracts. A user is still able, however, to interact directly with the contracts if desired. The way in which an investment works is as follows: One must first approve the contract to spend COIN from their account. To do this, the user will call the “approve” function on the Coinvest token contract with the Investment contract as the spender and the amount of COIN desired to be invested as the value.


Exchange and pull back speculations specifically with their savvy contract.
+ Create a Coinvest virtual portfolio with your most loved cryptographic forms of money
+ Trade and pull back speculations specifically with their savvy contract
+ Easily spend COIN utilizing your platinum card account

Coinvest is the better approach for putting resources into the digital currency advertise which made venture all the more simple, available and straightforward. Clients now don’t have to utilize different wallets as Coinvest has its own particular single in-manufactured wallet. The clients simply need to take after two basic advances while contributing with no outsider obstruction. In the initial step, client starts the purchasing of an individual resource utilizing the Coinvest application. He or she needs adequate subsidizes in the record with the goal that application could affirm the purchase. In the wake of affirming the purchase the application sends token to buy the store and after keen contracts get the coin, the exchanges are recorded in the blockchain after which the portfolio and wallet are refreshed. Amid second step clients send the coin to shrewd contracts keeping in mind the end goal to start the offer. Along these lines Coinvest executes the exchange and after that the portfolio is refreshed.

Coinvest Token

In July,they started the intial process of architecting they crowdsale. At the time, the cryptocurrency market was gaining momentum and traction. The amount raised from ICO’s had grown from $318M to $1.5T between January to July, respectively. The following months, Bitcoin experienced a boost in price value while Ethereum remained relatively stable between $250 — $325. As their platform is based of off the Ethereum ERC20 standard, they decided to map they price offering using an ETH conversion.

  • Sale Period: February 2018
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH
  • Minimum Contribution Amount: 0.01 ETH
  • Maximum Cap: $30 million
  • Pre-Sale Bonus: 10% (3.000.000)
  • Value: 1100 COIN = 700 USD
  • Minimal Viable Product: Coinvest Protocol V.1, Coinvest App V.1

Coinvest is creating a total fixed supply of 75 million (75.000.000) COIN tokens, distributed as follows:

  • 5%: Private Whitelist / Presale Reserve (Including Bonus)
  • 45%: Crowdsale Reserve (Including Bonus)
  • 25%: COIN Reserve (Held in Smart Contract)
  • 10%: Ecosystem Development and Partnerships
  • 15%: Employee and Advisor Option Pool to Recruit and Retain Talent

For more information, visit Coinvest website or read Coinvest whitepaper.

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