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Daneel – THE FIRST A.I

Daneel is the first A.I dedicated to provide reliable and accurate information for all crypto-traders, and it is the first and only one based on the most powerful A.I in machine learning and emotion analyzes: Watson by IBM. On a very emotional market, Daneel is the only one to provide the feature of market emotions analyzes on a real-time basis. This Initial Coin Offering («ICO») as presented by the DANEEL ASSISTANT company is an unregulated operation of fundraising. There are many risks involved for customers, especially the potential loss of the entirety of the currency exchanged for tokens emitted by DANEEL ASSISTANT.

Daneel Assistant provides unchallenged news curation and market emotions analyses through an A.I. assistant, which understands natural language. It is powered by the reference of the market in the fields of natural language and emotion analysis: Watson, designed by IBM. Their solution is available on a mobile phone and a desktop version where the crypto-investors can aggregate and manage all of their wallets safely.


As they are fully aware of the limitations of these previous solutions, they like to suggest an assistant of a new kind: a personal assistant based on Watson, one of the most efficient artificial intelligences in the market, who will be responsible for providing daily assistance in the world of cryptocurrency.
Through this, you will have ready access to an intelligent counsellor able to:
– Understand and interact with you
– Keep you informed in real time, with quality information that he gathered and analysed himself
– Identify and capture the different emotions of the market
– Alert you as soon as one of your investments is in jeopardy
– Facilitate easy portfolio follow-up and management, as well as ease of sales and purchases.
– Provide daily advice on your investments and on market trends
– Provide personally-tailored indicators.

What type of investor is Daneel suited for?

Daneel is not intended to address professional investors, particularly those already involved in trading rooms. Indeed, these investors often rely on specialized and costly technologies, often developed and jealously guarded by banks. On the contrary, they want to democratize access to artificial intelligence for investors by offering their technology to non-professionals. To do this, they have identified three mass-market investor profiles: beginner,
intermediate and advanced users.

Presentation of Daneel’s features

The concept of curating is at the heart of Daneel. To begin, Daneel searches, browses, collects and analyses
different sources of information available from various online channels: news feeds, general media, specialized media and social networks.
Once the information is collected, he sorts and categorizes all relevant data in order to only offer information deemed to be highly reliable.
You will then see in real time a summary of all necessary information concerning:
– The current rates of all your specified cryptocurrencies
– Cryptocurrency news sorted by theme (technological, legal, partnerships…).
– Different « Initial Coin Offering » operations available.


The security of their user platform is at the heart of their concern. That’s why their company will regularly have their services audited by global security experts and by partners. The platform’s web security and that of your personal data is reinforced thanks to the services of partners specialized in hosting and informational security.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.



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