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DECOIN – a revenue sharing trading & exchange platform

DECOIN is an open source peer to peer digital ecosystem that encompasses its own proprietary digital currency, the DECOIN (DTEP), powered by an Exchange & Trading platform (D – TEP) that redistributes revenues to DECOIN holders and the D – TEP crypto index (DCI). Combining a Proof Of Stake (POS) Blockchain protocol, Transparency, Top level Security and 24 x 7 live support, DECOIN is developing the next generation platform for the decentralized world . The digital currency market has arrived. Hundreds of companies have already created their own digital currencies and in February 2018 , Venezuela launched the first state – created cryptocurrency. Every year since 2013 has seen tremendous growth in digital currencies and value creation to those who invested in them.

• In 2013 Mastercoin (now called Omnilayer ) became the first ever project to ICO, raising $ 500 K

• In 2014 a new Cryptocurrency and framework , Ethereum, was created. This new framework enabled others to easily and quickly deploy new Cryptocurrencies

• 2016 saw 45 ICO ’ s that raised over $ 95 M

• In 2017 saw 211 ICO ’ s raise $ 3.8 Billion ( Coinschedule ). Bitcoin was the second biggest global news stories of 2017 (Google searches)

• To date, 2018 has seen 42 ICO ’ s, with hundreds in the pipeline and expected to trade within a few months Digital currency is here to stay.

DECOIN is developing the next generation trading platform and crypto index for attractive ICOs that will enable liquidity and generate money for both investors and companies traded on their platform.


Secure – following financial industry standards, D – TEP protects all sensitive data stored on its platform. Multi layered real time authentication encompasses their trading platform, protecting trades and withdrawals from the exchange, while providing maximum security to their user base.

Scalable – capable of executing up to 1 million match’s per second, making D – TEP one of the fastest and most scalable exchanges in the market today, able to handle the large volumes of trading expected

Quick – D – TEP uses innovative technology that enables us to execute buy/sell orders swiftly – without the lag that characterizes many of the exchanges active today

Social Trading – leading traders on D – TEP who are interested and consenting will receive DECOINS to have their activities tracked and displayed anonymously, allowing other traders to learn from their knowledge and experience.


DECOIN Blockchain Specifications

  • DECOIN is a proof of stake (PoS) coin based on X11 hashing algorithm with 60 seconds Block-Time. Due to shorter block time, transactions get confirmed faster
  • Stake age of the DECOIN Blockchain is 1 hour – 60 minutes for the coins to mature in the wallet and produce passive income
  • Each wallet serves as a node and receives a proof-of-stake reward
  • Currently, the speed of the DECOIN Blockchain is 32 TPS, while Ether has 16 TPS. The DECOIN’s engineering team aim to increase the transaction speed significantly
  • DECOIN was built keeping transaction speed and security in mind. In order to accommodate millions of trade per seconds, DECOIN has built its own independent Blockchain.
  • The consensus they choose for the DECOIN Blockchain is proof of stake. In order to minimise resource consumption and make it less vulnerable to 51% attack.
  • DECOIN’s Blockchain randomly selects validators for block creation. The more weight in the wallet, the better your chances to get the PoS reward. This provides better decentralization than proof of work because large miners can’t control the network. It is far easier for a PoS user to pledge his coins and leave his wallet open.

  • For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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