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eMarketChain – an e-commerce marketplace where anyone can buy and sell different products

The eMarcketChain technology uses shared ledger information through a peer-to-peer network that validates information almost instantly. The exchange of data is extremely affordable, the security unparalleled. The validity of information is unquestionable due to the underlying blockchain technology, where the same piece of information is stored in millions of computers.
This technology was not available 15 years ago. The beauty of the cryptocurrency market is that competition does not necessarily come from its own market. eMarcketChain’s competitors are not the primary service providers in the $2 Trillion online shopping eCommerce industry. This middlemen class eats into this revenue through heavy marketing and advertising campaigns. Their models have been criticised as “not reliable” in terms of pricing by consumer watchdogs such as the intercountry European Consumer Centres.Utilizing blockchain as a foundation technology, eMarcketChain aims to catch up and eventually outrun current market leaders – providing an
unprecedented advantage for all end customers. The transparency offered by the eMarcketChain environment allows the user to see what he/she is being charged, immediately. The process will look completely identical – with the same WYSIWYG functionality, oneclick optimization, and other details, as would be expected in the more conventional virtual space. Via eMarcketChain, you will be able to choose from a list of category products, vouchers or even services.

Their solution

Their solution eliminates any unexpected charges. This way the user won’t receive any such sudden add-ons. The underlying blockchain technology simply does not make it possible. The networked, democratic, peer-topeer-like nature of the cryptocurrency world can be fully exploited by eMarcketChain for the benefit of its users.


With eMarketChain.co, they aim to solve the problems described above. The rise of blockchain technology in recent years, gives us an opportunity to completely rethink the current payment model used by online stores.
Their goal is to reduce prices for consumers and increase the profit of merchants. This can only be done by effectively eliminating the
middlemen and the payment processing entities, and instead adopt a decentralized approach for transactions and payments between the parties involved.


eMarketChain.co will be the official marketplace provided by eMarketChain. With an intuitive, user-friendly design, they aim to create a
platform where:
• customers can easily find the goods they are interested in;
• merchants will have the ability to instantly list the items that they offer.

The platform is tailored for both business-to-consumer (B to C) and consumer-to-consumer (C to C) sales. This means that both large-scale companies, and small businesses or individuals creating goods by themselves, will have a place where to offer their products. The aim of adapting eMarketChain to fit both above-mentioned models has to do with their desire to have a broad range of available goods from which users will be able to easily browse through the different categories of goods, both via web and mobile applications for the major mobile platforms.

Token Allocation

To be able to successfully carry out this project, funding is required.Pre-sale will start on 15th April 2018 and will automatically end when the date becomes 29th April 2018 or Hardcap of 18,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens has been reached (whatever comes first).Total EMAC HARDCAP (Pre-Sale + Main Event) of 32,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens. Main token sale starts on 29th April 2018 and will end when the date becomes 29th May 2018.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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