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Fluz Fluz – digital shopping platform

Consumers everywhere want to stretch their money, especially when it comes to essential household purchases like telecommunications, food, gasoline, travel, pharmacy, apparel and so on. Currently, there is no adequate way to bundle the purchasing power of a consumer’s extended social network to get hard cash rewards. Fluz Fluz disrupts the traditional shopping experience through an alternate, more rewarding avenue. In the Fluz Fluz consumer network model, all participants make money, thereby creating high consumer stickiness and
a sustainable business model.

Token Economy

They will be issuing FLUZ Tokens that have the function of activating premier seats on the Fluz Fluz global network. Qualifying Token holders will be able to activate premier network seats membership in the newly formed global consumer network ahead of the effective
operational launch.

Role of Blockchain in Fluz Fluz Eco-system

The Fluz Fluz business model is ideally positioned to benefit from blockchain technology. Currently, the model is up and running in
an offchain environment, but will switch gradually to the blockchain technology in order to sustain the scale-up to a global consumer cash-back network based on digital gift cards. They recognize that blockchain is an evolving technology and that the current eco-system of
traditional third party merchants and consumers will only allow to implement a transformative vision of the rewards industry in a step-by-step approach.

Summary of our Network

Within Fluz Fluz, the network is as a circle, in which each Fluzzer is the core of his or her network and can accrue Fluz points based on his/ her friends and their own purchases. Additionally, Fluzzers can interact with others in their network via an internal messaging system or by hosting meetups. There’s a side leaderboard which shows monthly winners in different categories and inspires a little friendly competition between members.

Marketing & User Journey

Fluz Fluz implements a binary model, where every network member invites two new members in his/ her frontline. These two members will invite two new members respectively. Given the limited width of their network, their members will choose the friends in their network very carefully.
Target customer/target network includes:

  • Heads of households looking to optimize their family budget
  • Budget-conscious consumers looking to leverage purchasing power
  • Moderately social consumers with a few friends in their close circle of influence
  • Consumers looking for real time savings based on their current location.

Fluz token opportunity

Blockchain technology for consumer networks:

  • Fluz Fluz decentralized network structures bundles consumer purchasing power.

User-friendly ecosystem with strong lock-in effect:

  • Fluz Fluz is a mobile application in line with current global trends. Our progressive marketing approach ensures high customer loyalty through the residual income generated by customers.

Game changer:

  • Fluz Fluz is stronger and more agile than its competitors. Fluz Fluz takes best practices from all existing network models to build an advanced mathematical underlying dynamic. Fluz Fluz is 100% online and due to its easy to use gift card system it does not affect customer shopping behavior. Fluz Fluz integrates easily into crypto and fiat currency payment systems.
    Fluz Fluz management team is made up of digital commerce experts and serial entrepreneurs. Fluz Fluz board advisors have strong track record in digital business, retail and blockchain.


If you want more information, follow them on Twitter, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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