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FortKnoxster has leveraged the use of the blockchain and sophisticated end-to-end encryption techniques into a user
friendly all-in-one communication platform, where users can communicate privately and safely, be it through inbox, chat, phone/video calls, file-storage etc. FortKnoxster eliminates the risk of hacks, cyber-threats and centralised government surveillance.

FortKnoxster is a cyber-security company, specialized in developing secure and encrypted communication solutions. The company has developed a unique encryption platform, which is primarily aimed at the B2C market.
The platform comes as an E-a-a-S solution (Encryption-as-a-Service). FortKnoxster has been designed with a unique architecture and features, which enables everybody to use their platform for all their communications and data-storage needs. FortKnoxster addresses one of the biggest challenges in their modern society. To protect communications and data from cyber-criminals – and at the same time maintain a very high level of privacy.

What is FortKnoxster?

FortKnoxster is a one-stop communication, collaboration and file storage platform.FortKnoxster is your safe alternative, as they can’t (nor can’t anybody else) read your data or communications at all, because it is end-to-end
encrypted. Even if they could, their business model is exactly the opposite as most others, they are in the business of protecting your data, not selling it to the highest bidder. FortKnoxster is extremely easy to use as it requires no extra plug-in instalments what so ever. Users are literally up running within minutes and can start to enjoy the extreme safety level and intuitive interface. It is also easy to invite friends, family or business-partners into the platform.
FortKnoxster was designed to be used by everyone and hence there is no need for technical knowledge in order to use the platform.

Why Use blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized and open distributed ledger, recording financial transactions (or virtually anything of value) between two parties, on a peer-to-peer network. This continuously growing list of records is linked and
secured with strong cryptography, making these transactions permanently verifiable and therefore incorruptible. Since the blockchain is public verifiable, it provides such security and transparency that makes it ideal for many types of security applications.
FortKnoxster take advantage of these features which the blockchain technology provides, by moving its centralized trust of digital identities to a decentralized one, specifically the Ethereum blockchain, using its smart
contracts. Trust is of vital importance and is the most important elements in any crypto infrastructure. The current model of trust for digital identities in FortKnoxster is centralized. This centralized trust model is a common challenge today, as it becomes a single point of failure.

The Token Ecosystem

The FortKnoxster token (FKX) will be used for purchasing various services and for incentivizing users for different rewards achieved. The FKX token will have a clear and important usage in their application, as a means of both incentivizing further development and securing their ability run and market FortKnoxster worldwide. The FKX token serves the purpose of being required in order to use FortKnoxster. A fixed supply for FKX will be created during the token sale (135 Mill.) A ledger on the blockchain will be created maintaining the FKX token, following the ERC20 standard and allowing a secure mechanism for transferring FKX to other participants.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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