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FreelancerCoin – an Ethereum-based freelancing platform

FreelancerCoin is an Ethereum-based freelancing platform. Clients can pay freelancers using their tokens, while setting up a ‘smart contract’ via Blockchain technology that is never changed or altered.  Through the cutting-edge technologies seen in artificial intelligence (for price recommendations) and big data (to help build and support artificial intelligence), they can build a truly secure and productive freelancing agency.  Their aim is to provide a comprehensive, fully-functioning freelancing system to both freelancers and clients.  One of the biggest struggles commonly seen amongst freelancers is being able to find worthwhile projects to work on. As a trusted agency, they want to solve that problem by allowing qualified freelancers to participate in client projects. As these freelancers will have gone through their certification processes, clients will never have to worry about relying on unreliable workers.

Why FreelancerCoin?

FreelancerCoin is the definitive online freelancing platform that relies on Blockchain technology and a deep-learning AI system to provide clients and freelancers with the freedom and flexibility needed to work effectively.  By solving real issues that freelancers and clients commonly face they will give them the opportunity to escape the ‘9-5’ and create a fulfilling work life without any unnecessary restrictions.



Through the use of Blockchain technology, they provide protection for both freelancers and clients by preserving the integrity of their contracts. Through ‘smart contracts’ and their unique identification system, clients and freelancers can know that they are working with a real individual on a real project.


Through their deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) system, clients will be recommended freelancers on the basis of experience, skillset and rates. This allows them to save money and time in searching for qualified freelancers.


They will employ a price recommendation system for freelancers who are unsure what to charge for projects, also based on their deep-learning AI system. Their generated recommendations ensure that prices are fair yet profitable, while allowing for more opportunities to successfully land projects.


As a client, one of the biggest concern for freelancing is that freelancers are not trustable even if they have good reviews or good portfolio. As a freelancer, One of the biggest concern for freelancing is hard to make themselves trustable and qualified one. Through their courses, tests and interviews, they will provide reinforce certification that clients can trust their qualified freelancers.


They will create a trusted freelancing agency that clients can rely on to handle projects involving numerous freelancers. Their recommendation system will draw from a pool of qualified freelancers and connect clients with the ones who are best suited to fit their needs. They will no longer have to worry about the quality of work submitted to them!


-Clients & project owners have trouble finding reliable and qualified freelancers to work with.

-A blockchain platform that protects both freelancers and clients.

-A blockchain certification system that verifies and validates both freelancers and clients.

-Managing multiple freelancers for large‐scale projects, along with difficulties associated with finding a reliable freelancer agency.

-A done-for-you freelancer agency system that manages the successful completion of projects for clients.

-Using popular freelancer platforms can be difficult for both freelancers and clients, requiring an unnecessary learning curve in order to efficiently and effectively use the platform.

-A robust, easy-to-use freelancing platform based on optimal user interface (UI) design and proven user experience (UX) practices.

-Both clients and freelancers are unsure of the ‘right’ price to charge for certain projects.

-They deep-learning AI system recommends prices for freelancers to charge to clients, and qualified freelancers for clients to work with.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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