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Genbby is a decentralized disruptive ecosystem that is focused on competition, learning, training and socializing for the rapid evolution of the player. It differs from other models, because it is autonomous and it’s operated by artificial intelligence engines that are composed of multi-agents with specific roles. They serve as a coach and a personal assistant for each type of platform. Another innovative addition is a payment system with blockchain technology and it’s own cryptocurrency. As well as the option to bet on your skills and earn money with every match you win. This model will activate the gamer’s hobby to be profitable at any stage of their trajectory uncovering a huge economic potential in the industry.

Vision a new ecosystem on Esports

They propose a disruptive and decentralized ecosystem through exponential technology that exposes the maximum potential of the gaming industry and benefits the whole community.
Their plan is to generate two radical changes:
1) What once was just your hobby, will now be monetized and rewarded according to your ability in competitive games.
2) You will have adaptive tools at your disposal based on your gaming needs and your rhythm of evolution as a player.

Disruption discovery

To really understand why the current ecosystem is lacking, they have studied the primary bases of what the gamer needs in his experience. They have discovered which are the factors of the problem, as well as its barriers. The esports industry was originally created to become a traditional media of entertainment. The result was that only 1% of gamers could receive any real benefits from it.

Why exponential technology?

Exponential technology is designed to create adaptive and evolutionary processes based on the needs of the gamer and their behavior in the competitive games ecosystem. Using exponential technology in the main engines of the system, they can accelerate the process of construction of scenarios in video games, and with a low operational cost.

Competitive platform

All players have the option to bet on their own skills and also on other players if they choose to do so. To do this, a model was designed to fit a personalized analysis based on the playing style and the amount of interaction between each player. An adequate evaluation is sought between each match and user level.


MODES ENGINES: Algorithm that allows free access to each player. It implies that there is no need to program or to define a specific time for your matches.
MATCHMAKING: Algorithm that allows to pair players in a balanced system. This is based on your playing style, your level and your role type, with the idea of balancing each team.
REFEREE BOT: Agent that communicates with the video game via API. It’s main function is to supervise every game in order to avoid any functionality problems.
REPORTING SYSTEM: Independence between the reporting system and the game. It creates dynamism and more freedom in the use of the platform.
RATING ALGORITHM: Sophisticated ELO qualifier that measures individual and group performance.
P2P PAYMENT SYSTEM: Integral system with blockchain technology that allows low commissions, especially in micro transactions.

Proof of work in action

They differentiate ourselves from other startups that also propose solutions via blockchain, because their product is functional and their ideas have been tested. So far, phase 1 of the process has been completed and the competitive platform is its third version, already in operation. As a team they seek to realize the total operation of the ecosystem and fulfill the need for each player to profit with his hobby at any stage of his career.


Intelligent algorithm that matches you with opponents of your same level, according to your playing style and role type. This tool will result in more balanced competitions with every game.
Modes engine:
Algorithm that allows free access for each player. It implies that there is no need to program or define a specific time to play.
Sophisticated ELO qualifier that measures individual and group performance.
Autonomous reporting:
The gamer can continue to play whenever he wants, since the reporting system adapts to his needs and does so automatically.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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