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International Digital Assets Platform (IDAP)

The International Digital Assets Platform (IDAP) is the first self-contained ecosystem for the cryptocurrencies derivatives trading market. Contained within this ecosystem are the IDAP Exchange, the IDAP Desktop App with advanced trading tools and most importantly, crypto derivatives instruments by IDAP for trading and investment. By bringing together individuals and institutions in need of risk management or with an eye at profit via risk acceptance, their goal is to become the most diverse crypto derivatives marketplace for buyers and sellers. The volatility of the current crypto market has made it imperative that the issue of risk management and hedging options for crypto assets be addressed without delay. Traders being free to take long and short positions and to bet in both the bull and bear run of the market, thus being able to diversify and optimise their portfolio performance, are all made possible by the introduction of a highly diverse and wide range of multiple crypto based derivatives products, including Futures, Spreads, Swaps, Options and Crypto Indices. Moreover, the trading of these abovementioned financial instruments deepens the liquidity of the market, in effect stabilising the price points of the underlying crypto assets. This is what the IDAP ecosystem for crypto derivatives market trading has exclusively been built to achieve.

Market Opportunities

The challenges of the nascent crypto trading economy before us, in fact present unique opportunities. The current landscape of crypto trading warrants more choices be made available to investors. With diversified trading instruments at their disposal, investors will have the freedom to hedge and speculate crypto based assets, while faring better against the volatility of the market. Moreover, with the introduction of investment and trading instruments that minimise risk and maximise profit potential, many who have stayed shy of the crypto market will be encouraged to join the crypto economy. Customers will benefit further with improved uptime, especially if the market is bobbing up and down rapidly. To this end, IDAP is focused on standing out from all other exchanges operating today: they not only wish to provide customers with long due freedom by introducing derivatives-based trading to help diversify their portfolios, but also enable them to do this in a streamlined fashion by delivering advanced tools for better and simplified trading, thereby boosting overall efficiency of their platform. The opportunity to increase choices for crypto traders will translate into organic market growth and happier customers.

Perpetual Swaps

IDAP will offer perpetual swaps. These are the continuous swap derivatives products with no expiry. The advantage of perpetual swap contracts is that an investor can trade these contracts like cryptos are traded in the spot market, while enjoying the benefit of using margins, i.e. investing less money and earning better returns than those of the spot market. They will be offering perpetual swaps for major cryptocurrencies, equity indices, FX, stocks and commodities. For example, perpetual swaps trading option will be available for BTC, S&P500, EUR, USD, AMZN, Gold and more. They will offer up to 50X leverage and all the products margin will be deposited in Bitcoin (BTC) or other relevant cryptocurrency.

IDAP Extended Product Offerings

Under the umbrella of their extended product offerings, customers will have access to a variety of trade and investment products, some of which are exclusive to the IDAP platform. Having access to these multiple products will free up traders to execute all their trading and investment strategies on IDAP itself, instead of having to hop from one exchange to another. Not to forget those who are driving innovation in this field, they will also provide entrepreneurs with a chance for growing their projects via incubation opportunities.

IDAP Simulator

The IDAP Simulator is ideal for those who are new to futures trading and wish to familiarise themselves with market action and trading without risking real cryptocurrency. Currently, no other crypto exchange platform is offering such a feature to enable learning for trading beginners. IDAP Simulator will replicate real-time market data and trading conditions to help users understand the market dynamics, general market behaviour and how to manage trade and associated risks. This is yet another USP of their platform for facilitating education and learning for traders, enabling them to gain virtual experience in the crypto asset trading.


IDAP will issue a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 IDAP Tokens, each priced at 3 cents. Below are the token specifications and details of token distribution & funds usage.
Token name : IDAP
Token type : ERC-20
Total supply (fixed) : 1,000,000,000
Token price : $0.03
Currencies accepted : WAN, ETH & BTC
Soft cap : 200,000,000 IDAP
Hard cap : 750,000,000 IDAP

For more information,visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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