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MicroMoney is an Open Source Credit & Big Data Bureau that connects new customers to all existing financial services. MicroMoney A.I. platform uses complex algorithms to predict creditworthiness of all customers and in just 15 minutes a borrower can get their very first loan in his/her life just from their smartphone. All customers have an ability to pay less interest and have a higher credit rating, if they use micromoney platform more often . All aggregated Big Data and Credit Histories are stored on the Blockchain. Thousands of existing businesses will get access to millions of new customers which we will bring to the global economy.

MicroMoney is a team of professionals experienced in working in emerging markets. There are 196 countries in the world, and 100 of those countries represent target market. Potential clients are more than 2 billion of unbanked people, they run cash-only households, have no credit history, have no debts, and widely use smartphones and Facebook. They are the so-called “blue collars” and “white collars”, and SMEs. Their monthly income is around $200-500. This implies a huge amount of new customers and we are here to bring them to the new global crypto economy. In an emerging market, a smartphone can tell everything we need about its owner, so that we can estimate his/her creditworthiness. No joke, your smartphone knows you much better than even your best friend. So we made an app, which gathers 10,000 parameters. We analyze this Big Data using AI Neural Network Scoring and this is enough to obtain a loan approval decision in just 15 seconds. Now, to borrow money using app is as easy as to order an Uber. Of course, we are always improving the system too.

How it works?

MicroMoney was established as a company focused on micro-financing in the money lending industry. We aim to provide the best solution to individuals and SMEs to meet their financial needs. MicroMoney is successfully operating in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand, where back office is located. We provide customers with online loans without any collateral requirements. Clients can get the money by just filling in the application form on mobile app. Using machine learning algorithms, we can approve a loan in just 15 seconds and are able to deliver the funds in 1 hour. After setting up branch in Cambodia it took only 3 months to make the business profitable. Founded in 2016, MicroMoney Myanmar is equally showing stable performance growth. Two years of diligent work have resulted in a unique scoring technology, a wide network of business partners, and stable business growth.


The AMM token is based on a proven risk management and Big Data platform. The token is part of our ecosystem and is used within the platform in different ways. The token serves as the fuel of the MicroMoney ecosystem and has been designed so that our customers will want to use it frequently. It is a token that can and should be bought on exchanges at prevailing market prices.

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