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MyCryptoBank – a online bank

MyCryptoBank is an online bank allowing any client registered in the electronic bank system to make a full range of bank operations, additional operations with cryptocurrency (payment processing, debit cards, credits and cheap investment products, use of cryptoassets as credit security and many others) based on Blockchain technology without visit of department. So, MyCryptoBank provides services of client’s remote access to accounts, products and bank services in order to make banking operations.

MyCryptoBank offers its clients a multifunctional platform of banking service, which represents a hybrid system combining digital and traditional currencies. The use of digital currencies makes operations faster and cheaper, while traditional currencies guarantee practically all-round acceptance and validity. One account combination allows clients simultaneously using advantages of both types of currencies.

The number of companies offering its services online increases while implementing ITtechnologies in daily life in the whole world. Finances, education, health, trade and entertainment become actively digital in order to satisfy requirements of available clients and attract new ones. MyCryptoBank will become a fully digital bank, accessible all over the world and at any moment. It will make all functions of a typical bank but without any bank departments and front-offices maximum relying on new digital technologies. This will allow MyCryptoBank to become one of the most inexpensive banks in the world with very profitable level of cost-to-profit ratio.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

MyCryptoBank allows immediately converting cryptocurrency to fiat money and vice versa and also keeping it, quickly and easy receive, send and exchange cryptocurrencies. The personal account is necessary for the performance of all operations. This multicurrency account is available all day from any point of the world both from PC or mobile devices. Cryptocurrency exchanges are not necessary to be used because they are very uncomfortable: it requires any time to perform purchase bids or sales calls and also have large fees to withdraw or deposit cash. MyCryptoBank fund conversion is performed immediately and at a favorable rate due to integrated liquidity based on different cryptocurrency exchanges and own bank reserves.


MyCryptoBank plans to organize granting of credits for bank clients on security of their cryptocurrencies. Based on credits given the Bank will charge a one-time fee and also take the credited party’s cryptocurrency as security for the term of the credit given. MyCryptoBank will take in security only the most popular top-10 (BTC, ETH etc.) cryptocurrencies and also their MCB token. The volume of credit given will not exceed 70% of the security commercial value. To protect itself from security devaluation, MyCryptoBank will integrate a hedging scheme, where purchase/sale positions per security volume will be opened at exchange. In case of security price falling below 50% of credit grant price, their cryptobank has the right to complete the transaction and sell this security at the common rate. All these actions will allow MyCryptoBank creating positive liquidity and do not suffer losses from loss assets and market fluctuations.

P2P Loans

Except MyCryptoBank credits their clients will have possibility to get a loan from other bank users using P2P credit system. Р2Р loans is a specific type of financial services giving a possibility to get loan from one individual to another one. Money may be granted for any purposes and it’s not necessary to prepare big documentation package for loan agreement creation. So, this platform combines loaners and creditors, most part of credit risks lies with investors. At the same time the bank controls all data on loaners monitor overdue amounts and provides acceptable payment conditions. MyCryptoBank uses algorithms which are based on loaners scoring and system statistics and make decisions on granting new loans and its conditions. Also, these formulas consider loan return rate. As a result, loaners get easy possibility to form express credit at below bank rates.

Source: youtube/MyCryptoBank

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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