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Founded in 2014 at Harvard University, NUCLEUS VISION is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously unaccessed data to retailers and other ‘brick and mortar’ businesses through its proprietary blockchain and real time sensor technology. The solution that NUCLEUS VISION has built, which currently has ION Sensors deployed in 10 live retail establishments, will support a valuable data network for unique visitor IDs and corresponding user data. Our proprietary IoT sensor technology doesn’t depend on any RFID, WiFi Bluetooth, or even facial recognition technologies to operate.


NUCLEUS VISION has built the world’s first IOT based  contactless identification system (over blockchain), while  building the largest universal loyalty program using  crypto-currency. NUCLEUS VISION’ IoT solution enables  retail brands around the world to build and execute a  customer-focused shopping experience that leverages  data from both in-person and online channels. Their  platform uses blockchain, sensors, data and intelligent  analytics to create automated solutions that generate  customer loyalty. For retailers, NUCLEUS VISION’s IoT  solution provides insights into customer behavior that  were not previously possible, such as the ability to track  customer visits, to aisles browsed and paths taken  in-store, favorite products and brands, and predict future  customer behavior in-store. This helps create a personalized customer experience that provides for greater  customer satisfaction. Through their blockchain-enabled  technology, NUCLEUS VISION aspires to seamlessly  connect the on and offline world. In the process, we aim to  enhance the retail shopping experience for the 2.6 trillion  walk-in customers that visit 91 million physical stores  globally, all in real time.


IoT solutions have already penetrated residential and  industrial security systems, and it will become a huge
opportunity in the coming years. As it stands, the industry  is severely lacking a comprehensive and intelligent solution  that is also cognizant of privacy. Theybelieve that NUCLEUS  VISION is primed to tackle this problem.  NUCLEUS VISION’s smart IoT sensors can become an indispensable component of wider residential, commercial and  industrial security systems by identifying potential threats  and intruders, and securely transmitting this data to  concerned authorities over their blockchain network.


NUCLEUS VISION is composed of several technology layers, which together power our next generation platform. NUCLEUS VISION technology is a function of four primary components: ION, ORBIT, NEURON & nCASH.
  • ION Sensor: Proprietary Sensor Technology
NUCLEUS VISION’s proprietary sensor network, the ION Network, can uniquely identify and sense temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration and sound within the vicinity of the sensor. ION sensors enable
retailers to capture new data on brick-and-mortar customers.
  • Orbit Blockchain: Authorization and Data
NUCLEUS VISION’s blockchain platform, Orbit, is the foundation over which customer identities, customer data and the nCash tokens flow accurately and securely between all involved parties and systems.
  • Neuron Layer
The NUCLEUS VISION Neuron intelligence platform is state-of-the-art analytics engine that leverages the strength of deep learning, blockchain and IoT. The Neuron platform enables retailers to take advantage of time
and opportunity when customers are most receptive. Neuron connects retailers and customers at precisely the right moment to bring an element of delight and surprise to the retailer’s customer service regime.
  • nCash: Token-Based Payments
nCash is the decentralized cryptocurrency of the NUCLEUS VISION ecosystem, which is used for various transactions across NUCLE- US VISION. nCash serves two primary purposes:
1) it is the backbone of the NUCLEUS VISION Universal Loyalty Program (retailer rewards system)
2) it is a currency used to enable the transfer of data from one party to another.
Retailers in the NUCLEUS VISION network can reward their users with offers using the nCash, which can be
redeemed across any retailer in the NUCLEUS VISION network. nCash is a non-mineable ERC20 Ethereum token with a supply cap of.
If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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