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Otho Network (OTH) – basically a platform for cryptocurrency payment

Otho Network (OTH) is basically a platform for cryptocurrency payment that allows those customers to pay their cryptocurrencies on numerous online orders without losing the value on the exchange. On the other hand, online stores will be able to maximize the profits due to the variation of crypto rates. As a decentralized solution, Otho Network provides a potential platform to benefit both clients and merchants in online transactions.

Why is Otho Network is a potential project?

In the last couple years, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have gained a widespread popularity all over the world, opening the demands for numerous online transactions. However, the payment process with a prohibitive fee and slow speed makes both parties in a transaction feel uncomfortable. Otho Network is a great solution to this problem when it provides an optimized payment platform for both buyers and sellers due to the following reasons:

– An efficient and reliable payment method: With a decentralized and blockchain-oriented gateway, Otho Network combines e-commerce, web payments, and cryptocurrencies in a single application to make it easier and more effective to finish an online transaction.

– Buyer benefits: Only with a smartphone, a customer now can easily pay for their online orders with cryptocurrencies with a more affordable fee. Therefore, Otho Network can improve the overall experience of the clients in a more flexible and engaging way.

– Seller benefits: By using Otho Network, an online merchant has the full freedom choose the most appropriate way of proceeding via an online payment. In addition, he or she can reduce the risks of cryptocurrency rate changes to maximize the revenue.

How does Otho Network work?

Otho Network platform works based on 3 main features:

– Otho exchange: With an attractive and well-adjusted exchange, Otho Network helps the users to proceed their online transactions more effectively and quickly. Customers can flexibly choose to pay for their orders in any types of cryptocurrency they want, even the fiat currency.

– Otho handy wallet: Otho Network is probably one of the easiest payment platforms to use as it offers all essential facilities to keep you from downloading unnecessary apps from different web stores.

– Otho smart pay: This feature is generally applicable to any system with full payment. As a result, an online merchant will be able to sell his services or goods via cryptocurrencies.

Token sale

The total supply of Otho Network is 9,000,000 tokens, which are distributed as follows:

– 5,400,000 OTH (60%): Airdrop

– 2,250,000 OTH (25%): Marketing

– 900,000 OTH (10%): Team

– 450,000 OTH (5%): Bounty

There will be 54 phases of airdrop in total, and the first one started on January 13th, 2018. In this stage, 500 participants received a specific percentage of tokens, which will be counted as the bonus when they join other phases in the future.


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If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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