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Papyrus is the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves the programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture.

Why do we need Papyrus?

Papyrus leverages blockchain technologies to provide transparency for the advertising supply chain and create proper incentives for digital advertising market players. This will reduce fraud and costs on intermediaries and will lead to a much greater efficiency for advertisers and publishers. Moreover, with Papyrus, users will be able to control what ads they see and what data they share with advertisers. There will be no abusive ads and malvertisements. Most importantly, users will be instantly rewarded for sharing their data and responding to advertising.


Unlike other blockchain advertising projects that are focused on particular components of the digital advertising market like exchanges, marketplaces or browsers, Papyrus is an open ecosystem for all components, platforms and market players. Other projects can be integrated with Papyrus for mutual benefit.


for Users

  • Controlled advertising
    Users are able to create precise policies to control what ads they see and what data they share with advertisers.
  • Comfortable Internet
    Advertisers have to focus on enhancing the user experience. No more inappropriate ads and malvertisements.
  • Sharing economy
    Users participate in fair sharing economy where they are instantly compensated for their data and responding to advertising.

for Publishers

  • Ad-based dApp economies
    Seamless merge of ad monetization and dApp value economies allow developers to build new generation dApps which utilize ad rewards.
  • Growth for dApps
    dApp developers can instantly promote their applications and token offerings using consolidated user base of existing dApps.
  • Higher revenues
    Even traditional web and mobile publishers can leverage benefits of instant payment settlements and additional advertising demand.

for Advertisers

  • High quality traffic
    Decentralized reputation and antifraud solutions within ecosystem protect advertisers from non-human and fraudulent traffic as well as ensure brand safety.
  • Complete transparency
    All advertising data is securely stored in blockchain and decentralized storages enabling traceability of all operations and eliminating fraud within intermediary chains of ad buying.
  • Low technology costs
    Transparent environment with real-time advertising payments significantly reduce technology costs comparing to complicated traditional adtech solutions.


Like all the other blockchain-based environments, the Papyrus ecosystem will operate using utility tokens. Advertisers, publishers, dApp developers, and end users will use Papyrus ERC20-compliant Ethereum tokens as utility tokens for:

  • Paying for ad campaigns;
  • Service fees for participants, including compensations for end users;
  • Proof-of-Stake deposits of registered ecosystem participants;
  • Ecosystem governance.


Public phase of TGE Round 1 will start on 12th of October 2017 14:00 UTC and will end when any one of the following criterion are met: ▪ When the hard cap goal is reached;

▪ When the designated TGE Round 1 public sale period of 21 days ends.

PRP tokens will be issued during TGE Round 1 and will be immediately fungible in the initial prototype of the Papyrus ecosystem. Should the target hard cap be reached, the number of PRP tokens will be fixed at the end of TGE Round 1 and no additional token-generation will be allowed. If the target hard cap is not reached, an additional TGE round for PRP tokens may be scheduled. After Papyrus reach hard cap goal as a cumulative result of these TGEs, the amount of PRP tokens will be fixed and no additional PRP token-generation will be allowed.

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