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PECULIUM – a revolutionary savings platform

PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform developed specifically to benefit from managing a superior cryptocurrency portfolio with the help of artificial intelligence based decision making. PECULIUM also offers a variety of crypto-asset management products for individual users and institutions. PECULIUM offers products with varying degrees of autonomy over the asset management, which range from completely autonomous (suitable for users and investors) to highly customizable (suitable for professional traders, larger corporations, and brokers who are interested in providing customized plans for their clients). The PECULIUM platform will allow
monitoring and management of crypto-assets in real time.


With the help of smart-contracts over the Ethereum blockchain, PECULIUM provides transparent solutions for the investment of traditional savings in crypto- assets. Using Artificial Intelligence, PECULIUM maximizes benefits from the thriving cryptocurrency markets. PECULIUM merges traditional savings and cryptocurrency markets via blockchain technology in a mutually beneficial relationship, potentially providing outstanding returns for the invested savings.


PECULIUM platform is powered by the blockchain technology. A blockchain is a form of digital ledger. It contains all the transactions over the network. The blocks in the blockchain are analogous to the pages of the ledger. These blocks are linked by secured cryptographic functions, which make ledger immutable. A blockchain is stored over the network in a decentralized fashion. Simultaneous and synchronized existence of multiple copies of the blockchain avoids a single point of failure. Furthermore, the transactions over the blockchain can be verified by anyone, making it a unique and ideal vehicle for the completely transparent business practices at PECULIUM. Ethereum (ETH) blockchain has introduced smart-contracts to a wide range of businesses and users. The smart-contracts are essentially simple programs running over the digital ledger. Once created, these smart-contracts remain immutable over the blockchain. Therefore, these smart-contracts provide a completely transparent and trust-less way of signing a pledge of confidence directly between the engaging parties. By virtue of these smart-contracts, PECULIUM conducts its business over the Ethereum blockchain, which further improves decentralization of the platform and leads to the democratization of the contractual relationships.


At the end of ICO, PCL tokens will be issued to investors via a smart-contract
✓ Investors will be immediately able to use their tokens.
✓ Investors will receive their tokens one week after ICO.
✓ 40% of stakeholder’s tokens will be distributed immediately free of charge to the contributors that have raised awareness and participated in the ICO success.
✓ The remaining 60% of stakeholder’s tokens will be distributed 10% each month over 6 months.
✓ All reserve tokens (55%) will be released over five months starting starting Mar’18 and ending during Jul’18.
✓ The distribution of released reserved tokens will be as follows.


PECULIUM aspires to be the global leader in the savings-management powered by the blockchain technology. To fulfill such a goal, experts and professionals from the fields of blockchain technology, asset management, algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence, quantitative finance, and software development have been chosen to be part of their team. Currently, the core team consists of members from 10 different countries including France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Malaysia, Spain, India, United States, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Luxembourg. They plan to expand their team for future development.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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