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PHI Token – the first wealth management marketplace that combines traditional finance and the crypto world

PHI Token, the first wealth management marketplace that combines traditional finance and the crypto world, has announced an exclusive partnership with us to launch a utility token sale. PHI (Platform for Hybrid Investment) aims at creating the first platform for investors who want to diversify their funds into any vehicle class — including cryptocurrencies — managing everything through a single interface. The several managers who will offer their services through the PHI platform will be rated by users to evaluate their performance. PHI tokens will be exploited by managers for the use of the platform through a form of Proof of Stake and used by users for payment of services with a 30% discount if paid in PHI instead of other currencies.The company behind PHI, Diaman, has been working for 16 years in the financial consulting field, with some of its management teams having a successful track record for the last 15 years and this ensure that the company has a just working revenue stream.

The PHI platform will allow you to choose different managers or consultants, different depository banks, offering a complete overview of all the existing financial instruments, including digital currencies. The difference with other crypto related project is the use of the blockchain for improve the transparency and security in the financial field and the use of the PHI Token to reduce the cost of distribution; so the PHI Token is related to a business model only partially involved in crypto investment and this feature give a greater stability to the project itself.

How does PHI use the blockchain?

One of the key success factor of an asset management system is trust. To facilitate this trust, PHI will implement a Blockchain Document Management System (BDMS) to ensure what has been agreed upon is captured and stored easily and ensure that documents cannot be altered. The
primary purpose of BDMS is to ensure authenticity of all documents in the system following 3 key principals:
Immutability : Ensuring that once the document is added to the repository it cannot be modified
Authenticity : A document must be verifiable by anyone that has access to it
Timestamp : A reasonable assurance about the date the document was added to the repo.
The focus of this document repository will be used wide range of documents, including but not limited to:
• Contracts
• Advise Recommendations

Software and financial indicators

The PHI platform will also allow financial software and opportunities or risk assessment tools for all asset classes in the financial world, starting with the classic bonds, to move from funds and ETFs, to end with the tools in Development related to equities and crypto-assets, always from a point of view of professional investments and non-trading and speculation.

Company Structure

The project comes to life from the natural evolution of the consultancy company Diaman SCF S.R.L., which for sixteen years has developed and supplied mathematical models of investment exclusively for institutional clients. The evolution of the legal framework, also thanks to the entry into force of the MiFID2 and the PSD2, finally facilitates the companies to develop profitable business models based on the technology and the digitization of the processes, much slimmer and Profitable both for the company, but especially for the financial advisor and the manager, as well as for the final customer.

PHI Tokens

The value of the Phi token at TGE Day was established in 1.61803 USD, that is, the golden number is because it is right to attach it to the number that describes nature and the universe, both because the name of the token is PHI .The mechanism set up by Diaman Partners foresees that 70% of the performance commissions go to the product manager, while 30% is retained by Diaman Partners itself, which will buy with 50% of cash (equal to 15% of total performance fees) PHI Token on Exchange and will burn them.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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