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Pikcio has been designed to store, secure, verify and certify data while ensuring the data source retains full control of their information at all times. Pikcio lets the user choose how to share their data, who to share it with, while also providing them with the opportunity to be paid for its use.
By empowering the individual, Pikcio creates certainty for businesses. As the regulatory spotlight focuses on the data industry, companies need to find efficient ways to comply with new rules like the EU’s GDPR directive, and they need to know that the data they’re buying is both authentic and legally available. Pikcio creates the trust that’s needed to trade data in confidence.

PikcioChain – the heart of the Pikcio ecosystem

PikcioChain is a highly secure and distributed permission-based platform designed to collect, certify and
exchange personal data in a server-free environment that keeps the individual data provider
in control.
PikcioMe is a personal device-based app that gives individuals access to the network. Users can verify,
certify and trade their data. Each PikcioMe-enabled device acts as the server that provides their personal data to the Pikcio ecosystem.
PikcioPro is the gateway through which businesses gain access to the Pikcio ecosystem. Using smart
contracts that uphold the demands and restrictions of the individual data owner, organizations can buy and sell certified data from or to other parties.
PKC Tokens PKC is the lifeblood of the Pikcio ecosystem, pumping value into users’ data and creating a
monetized data marketplace. Holders of PKC can buy data and can access the full range of services available within the Pikcio ecosystem.


PKC ​is the token that makes the whole Pikcio ecosystem work. PKC can be used in a similar way to a proprietary currency within the Pikcio network. When used in this way, it can be a medium of exchange facilitating the buying and selling of data. PKC can also be used to incentivize data producers to keep their data up to date and to share their data with organizations. As such, PKC will become a proxy for the value of personal data held within the Pikco ecosystem. This value should rise as more users store, update and share increasing amounts of data within Pikcio. PKC are also used for individual identification with data certifiers fixing the price of the data so that when a client consents to share it with a data service consumer who itself is allowed to consume it, the transaction is challenged, and the smart contract executed.
Pikcio Tokens are designed to lessen the volatile cost of transaction over time, to enable sustainable and cost-reliable services, independently of fluctuations in value that affect both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
In short, PKC help businesses buy their client’s data along with their proof of authenticity and integrity. It can also provide access to identification validation from third parties like banks that have already processed KYC. In addition, Pikcio Tokens will grant users the right to deploy their own smart contracts and execute them in the safe and modular blockchain environment provided by PikcioChain.
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