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Red Pulse is Intelligence and Content Ecosystem for China Markets, is incorporated and registered in Hong Kong SAR. China’s economy is already the 2. largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and 1. in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). Initial Coin Offering for Red Pulse reached HardCap US$15 million successfully on 08 October 2017,1300 GMT.

Unfortunately, many users have been stuck with the money blocked, that was because:

  • Transactions made before Red Pulse Token sale began
  • Transactions made after Red Pulse Tokensale ended
  • Transactions exceeding the 1 transaction allowed per participant in each period
  • Transactions exceeding the cap set in each period

RedPulse will process the refunds as quickly as possible. Team working hard with the NEO dev team to process this using a programmatic method (but not automated), after they will have review refunds. It will be faster than processing manually by hand. The refunds will be completed within a week. The refund will be ordered by amount, from largest to smallest.

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