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SELFLLERY – a social platform of a new breed, designed for monetization of the visual content

SELFLLERY is a social platform of a new breed, designed for monetization of the visual content,and a next generation of native advertisement platforms. Each received like on the platform gets converted to SLY tokens, thus letting its users to get money for posting photos and videos on SELFLLERY. SELFLLERY CEO and co-founder Vadim Onishchenko is a professional photographer and businessman having a great experience in IT. Another co-founder Vladimir Dmitriev is a professional investor, with expertise in development of economic models. Using all their experience combined, SELFLLERY team creates an ecosystem that could serve an example of decentralized user-driven economy. Any user can buy products and services on marketplace, using SLY tokens. Any advertiser can start an advertising campaign or a photo contest, paying with SLY tokens. The photo stock gallery serves the purpose of buying and selling visual content, also with SLY tokens. The platform donates 10% of its monthly profit to charity organizations. Usersalso can set the percentage of contributions and choose from a list of charitable foundations to donate SLY tokens to charity on monthly basis.


SELFLLERY changes the approach to visual content, generated by social network users, making it really valuable and enabling users to earn token rewards for their activities.

The purpose of SELFLLERY is to create an ecosystem that:

  1.  Lets users monetize their photos, videos and live streams in a gamified way;
  2. Supports charity organizations and motivates users to participate in charity by making automatic donations of some percentage of their rewards;
  3. Provides companies with easy-to-use and effective promotion tools that involve using of user photos;
  4. Expands the market of photo and video content for companies and news services, with a convenient search functionality; 
  5. Integrates modern technologies and capabilities of blockchain into the digital photography market, creating new models of content distribution.

SELFLLERY Project Description

SLY Token

The SELFLLERY economic model is based on an internalasset, the SELFLLERY money utility token (SLY token). The SLY token entitles its holders access to paid services on the SELFLLERY platform, serves as means of payment to make purchases in the SELFLLERY marketplaceand stock gallery, donate to charities, make internal transfers and withdraw tokens to Ethereum wallets. SLY token transfer happens when users receive likes (‘Proof-of-Like’). The platform incorporates a deflationary mechanism, the number of likes required to obtain one SLY token is increased every year depending on the number of active users. Also, the total supply of SLY tokens is limited (See ‘Token Generation Event’).

Monetization of Social Activities

For every social network, theactivity of usersand their engagement means everything. Every active user who spends his time on the SELFLLERY platform, adds some value to it. Therefore, SELFLLERY rewards these users with SLY tokens.


Like is one of the key metrics in SELFLLERY operations. Likes serve as accounting recordsand encourage users to be more active. When users get likes, they get SLY tokens credited to their accounts.

Reward ratio

SLY token amount to credit is calculated automatically based on individual reward ratio for each user. This ratio depends on several indicators including the number of received likes, user rating, the amount of subscribers, the number of comments this user posted, participation in photo contests, etc.

Token Generation Event

Token Generation Event (TGE) isan event when anyone can become the owner of SLY tokens. A token isa core element, which is used in the SELFLLERY platform operations to allow internal payments between its users. Initially, SLY tokens are generated during the TGE on the Ethereum platform. Buyers receive SLY in exchange for Ethereum (ETH) tokens by sending a payment to a smart contract that generates SLY tokens.

Token name: SLY
Total SLY token amount: 50,000,000,000 SLY
Available in ICO (hard cap): 22,500,000,000 SLY

Source: youtube/SELFLLERY

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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