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Sether platform

Sether is platform that provides blockchain integration with social network APIs, allowing any blockchain enterprise to communicate, get information, analyze and monitor social networks. The platform also provides custom analytic and monitoring capabilities for blockchain operations and enterprises. Users can run custom queries on social network data to get desired insights, find influencers, see the reach of their posts, create watchlists to be notified when certain events happen and see the sentiment for various social network objects such as posts, messages, pages, events and more.

Subscription models

Sether will use SETH as its token to charge for the usage of the API, both for smart contract and off-blockchain developers. Consumers of the service can either pay for each individual api call or purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions. The API will be free to use for developing applications on testnets, but will impose daily usage quotas on API calls. On mainnets, Sether will automatically recover the fee at execution time. The standard fee for each API call will be the equivalent of 0.01 USD. The fee consist of two parts:
– The amount of Wei which corresponds to the USD price for the API call.
– The amount of Wei which Sether will spend in gas for sending back the callback transaction.

The SETH Token

The SETH token is a standard ERC20 token that can be used by multiple wallets and trading platforms. The token will be used as the only currency for interacting with the Sether platform. The SETH token smart contract and the crowdsale smart contract will be publicly available for auditing before the ICO launch.


The pre-ICO round will provide an early opportunity to loyal contributors to join in prior to the full ICO. The ICO will have a maximum duration of 4 weeks, closing the moment the tokens are sold out. During the round, the tokens are distributed in a first-comefirst-served basis. Regarding the token issue timeline, the SETH tokens are planned to
be issued to all contributors, as soon as their contributions are received. This timeline may be subject to further delays in the event of any unforeseen legal, certification, or regulatory compliance roadblocks. Up twenty million (20,000,000) SETH tokens will be minted. The tokens will be available at the time of the pre-sale, and will be distributed immediately.

Behaviour analysis

Enhance your current business and build new services and applications that engage your users on social networks through gamification, based on their behaviour. Ask them to carry out specific actions: post keywords, links, pictures or videos, give reviews, post comments, like specific targets, retweet messages. Use Sether to validate their actions, give rewards or take business decisions. Both for blockchain and off-blockchain applications.

Develop applications

Use Sether inside your smart contracts or off-blockchain applications to integrate with social network APIs. Post messages automatically, react when certain keywords appear on you social channels, find influencers, see what is the general sentiment about your company, brand or products and more. Don’t hassle with all the technical differences between different social network platforms. 


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE .


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