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SwissBorg provides investors with a transparent, diversified and unbiased source of performance through indexed and advanced investment strategies with a competitive fee structure. They believe that diversification and quantitative tactical asset allocation are key to a portfolio’s long-term growth. By creating a full spectrum of Thematic Indexes, they are helping financial advisors, investment managers and private investors from both off and on-chain worlds to build a diversified portfolio allocation. To meet each investor’s expectations, they plan to offer strategies ranging from basic to more advanced solutions. SwissBorg expects to launch two tokenized index strategies in H1 2018. The first one will invest in a Large Cap Index and the second one will be a Mid Cap Index. Both strategies will be passive with some smart beta rebalancing components to limit the weight of very large cryptos.

SwissBorg Crypto Index MVP

Far beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has the potential to transform the operational architecture of financial services. They have designed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), called SwissBorg Crypto Index (SBCI), to show how smart contracts could be used to optimise the process of creation and administration of an investment fund. In the Off-Chain world, all of these operations are centralised, involve multiple intermediaries and manual interventions. As a result, the mutual fund system is complex and present hazard of operational errors and data corruption. The purpose of their MVP is to develop a compilation of smart contracts to manage the operations of an investment fund more securely and efficiently. They begin by describing how the cycle of an investment works in the off-chain world. Then, they analyse how they reinterpreted and optimized the same cycle with smart contracts. The off-chain investment system is in general slow and expensive.

Smart Mandate Design

The whole Smart Mandate architecture is under design and will be based on a collection of multi-signature smart contracts providing all the necessary functionalities for automated investment strategies. The designed multi-signature smart contracts will allow for multiple actors to interact with the smart contracts. The actors will be either financial advisors managing their clients’ investment universes, or the clients themselves. Every Smart Mandate starts with a new or existing Investor ID smart contract which represents an investor and holds all the documentation issued from the KYC process. Once established, an Investor ID smart contract will be reusable for multiple Smart Mandates. The current Ethereum blockchain does not provide the capabilities and the performance needed to implement real-time Artificial Intelligence: the latency required by the blockchain to approve any new transaction does not meet today’s live investment needs. Therefore, they will externalise this AI computation off the blockchain by intercepting events occurring on the blockchain and send them to their backend microservices’ architecture through an Oracle.


Revenue Model & Business Development Plan

Their Revenue Model is clear and straightforward. They have two main categories of revenues stream:

1. By providing investment solutions to the community, they will receive a fair portion of the management and performance fees.

2. By providing investment services to the community, They will receive transaction fees, via the SwissBorg Trading Exchange Platform for example.

They have a strong commitment on generating revenues from day one. By positioning their selves as a bridge between off-chain & on-chain investment world, their main objective is to offer investment solutions that can fit both worlds.

They are already in advanced discussions with future partners and investors, and their extensive experience with raising funds (for example Cyrus Fazel raised over 800M in his career) offers us the confidence to reach the milestones they fixed their selves.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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