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Symmetry Fund (SYMM)

Growing interest from investors about cryptocurrencies is making the possibility of investing in a fund that trades cryptocurrencies extremely appealing. With the ability to invest at a variety of levels, securely store funds, and have input into how a cryptocurrency investment fund is managed, Symmetry Fund (SYMM) is offering investors the opportunity to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the complexities of personally trading it themselves. As in investor in SYMM, you will enter a managed fund that allows you to take part in the moves of the cryptocurrency exchange without the effort and significant capital investment that would otherwise be required
when trading individually.
Offering a diversified portfolio with market cap above $1B, SYMM has a minimum average volume of $100M in each cryptocurrency it trades including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Lite Coin and Ripple. SYMM is specifically designed for trading cryptocurrencies and investing in early stage Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The fund offers many of the same advantages and protections of a managed mutual fund while providing its investors exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Symmetry Fund (SYMM) ICO

An unlimited amount of SYMM tokens will be released in the SYMM Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO will be open for a period of 121 days at the exchange rate of 0.1 ETH per SYMM. One SYMM token will represent a single share in the fund. From the ICO, most of the funds raised will be used for trading purposes. A small percentage of funds raised (up to 10%) will be held by the fund for prudent reserves and administration. Holding back these funds forms part of SYMM’s risk mitigation measures.
An unlimited number of SYMM tokens will be available for purchase at a rate of 0.1 ETH per SYMM during the ICO. By sending Ethereum to the ICO smart contract address, investors will be able to purchase SYMM tokens. After sending the ETH to the address, the investor’s account will be credited with the corresponding amount of SYMM shares. There is no limit on the amount of times investors can purchase SYMM tokens throughout the ICO.

The Trading Phase

After the ICO successfully closes and funds are withdrawn from the ICO, the trading phase will commence. The trading phase will continue indefinitely with changes in trading activities such as pairs traded and fund allocation to be voted on by shareholders. At the commencement of the trading phase, the capital value of SYMM will come from 90% of the capital raised in the ICO. This capital will be converted into fiat currencies and quoted in USD.
Operating and management costs will be covered with the remaining 10% of the funds raised in the ICO. Over the course of trading, operation and management costs will be returned to investors. A management fee will not be charged to SYMM investors until this 10% operation and management allocation is paid back.

Trust and Risk Mitigation

Trust and risk concerns are natural for investors to have when new offerings hit the market. With cryptocurrencies
and blockchain, however, increased trust and risk concerns can arise as a result of the additional anonymity and privacy provided by blockchain technologies.
SYMM understands investors may have trust and risk concerns so the fund is addressing these concerns by establishing risk mitigation measures. This will ensure that risk is managed by the fund while delivering transparency and value to shareholders. The SYMM fund is for shareholders and it invites any suggestions for further transparency measures that will continue to foster trust and strong relationships with their shareholders.


For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the WHITEPAPER.

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