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SYNCFAB – Manufacturing Blokchain
Syncfab revolutionizes manufacturing by connecting buyers directly to hardware manufacturers. Through the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain, purchasers and manufacturers will be able to streamline the procurement and supply chain processes, protect intellectual properties, source, and track parts production in real time and on demand. SyncFab envisions a vibrant ecosystem of purchasers, manufacturers, suppliers and logistics service providers actively buying, selling and ordering manufacturing-related services within the Smart Manufacturing Smart Contract Blockchain. Initially, incentives to join will be in the form of the MFG Utility Token, which give value to tasks those within the supply chain already do and are not currently compensated for, such as suppliers putting together quotes for purchasers. Incentives work for both purchasers and manufacturers ​as ​a ​way ​to ​bring ​them ​into ​the ​blockchain.

SyncFab’s Blockchain Solution

SyncFab was established in 2013 and has developed a online decentralized buyer- to-manufacturer platform aggregates all orders and sends requests directly to manufacturers that match the buyer’s requirements on the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain. Eliminating intermediaries, utilizing their Smart Contracts to streamline procurement processes, eliminating wasted labor-hours on miscommunication that lead to manufacturing mistakes or delays.

How SyncFab’s Decentralized Application (D’App) Works

SyncFab is the first peer-to-peer Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) manufacturing blockchain for the hardware manufacturing supply chain. Manufacturers list their machining capabilities straight to their platform and Hardware buyers can send part orders directly to them. Smart contracts guarantee production standards, protect Intellectual Property
and guarantee payments. Blockchain makes the supply chain more efficient and cost effective. This will all be powered by our MFG Utility Token.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Blockchain

Hardware Innovators
SyncFab eliminates intermediaries and brokers in the hardware manufacturing process to save you money. We directly connect you to hardware manufacturers and provide effortless production tracking.
Hardware Manufacturers
Syncfab eliminates marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility. They guarantee payments through our smart contracts and give you full control of your pricing & capabilities.

MFG Token Benefits

Benefits to Buyers:
  • Cheaper and higher quality quotes from the source
  • On-demand purchasing, tracking, and reordering
  • Connect with a local network of vetted manufacturers
  • Secure transactions and connections through smart contracts
Benefits to Manufacturers:
  • Eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility
  • Guaranteed payments through smart contracts
  • Complete control of your pricing & capabilities
  • Less headaches of overhead and processes to focus on producing the best quality products


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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