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Talao – the first public Ethereum-based decentralized and autonomous platform dedicated to talent

Talao is the first public Ethereum-based decentralized and autonomous platform dedicated to talent. It gives talent access to a huge panel of companies asking for their expertise, enables them to benefit from smart contract-based payments, and allows them to build a strong community-based reputation, thereby disrupting the traditional working industry by eliminating its middlemen.

The TALAO Token gives right of usage to the following services provided by the platform:

  • Talent can have their resume and professional reputation certified by the community and stored in a decentralized reputation vault, independent from the Talao marketplace and usable only with the TALAO token. The reputation vault allows them to take ownership of their professional reputation and select the potential viewers of their qualifications,
  • Businesses can get access to premium features: verify the certified skills of a talent pool, select the appropriate professionals, find the profile that best matches their specific needs or make a request for an urgent need,Both parties can send and receive secured contract-based payments, convertible into fiat or cryptocurrencies, according to their agreement.The objective of Talao is to establish the TALAO token as the token of reference of the 100 million freelancing Talent.

The Talao revenue model brings sustainability and is based on:

  • Premium services bought by customers: priority status for urgent request, skill- based screening tools or conflict settlement,
  • Platform adaptation to specific customers’ needs, like a dedicated branded marketplace for their Extended Workforce management.The estimated revenues for the platform are 2% of the Gross Payment Volume (GPV). These revenues will bring more agility and power to develop the TALAO token ecosystem.

    Market Definition and Segmentation

The core market of Talao is the talent on-demand market, a high growth trend in the economy. According to a McKinsey report published in 2016, there are four types of independent workers:

  • Contracting talent, who choose to become independent and derive their primary income from it,
  • Casual earners, who choose to work independently for supplementary income,
  • Reluctant players, who make their primary living from independent work but would rather prefer traditional jobs,
  • Financially strapped, who do supplementary independent work out of necessity.

Key Benefits of the Talao Platform for the Ecosystem

With the Talao Marketplace, talent can:

  • Increase their value on the job market with blockchain certified experiences when getting hired for a mission or after the completion of courses,
  • Increase their impact on the market by organizing themselves in Communities managed as Distributed Autonomous Organization -DAO-, leveraging the full power of blockchain,
  • Realize a reduction to 0% commission fees,
  • Use fiat and cryptocurrencies escrow account for payment,
  • Register with verified or anonymous profile,
  • Settle conflicts with no mediator fees.With the Talao marketplace, a client / requestor can:
  • Find content: answers to questions, documents, MOOCs, etc.,
  • Conduct a direct search of the DAO talent database and access top talent Reputation Vault,
  • Hire talent for temporary or permanent missions (online calls, assignments, hiring),
  • Outsource a project to a pool of talent and manage contracts.

          With Talao, talent can:

  • Sell access to his/her Reputation Vault,
  • Submit bids,
  • Apply for a mission,
  • Monetize his/her network,
  • Share/sell content.

The TALAO Token

The TALAO Token is a utility token and ERC20 compliant. It is a media of payment to access marketplace services and manage a personal Blockchain Vault. It has 2 types of usage. Tokens are either stacked as deposits (protocol stacking function) or transferred from client wallets to talent’ or community wallets (protocol transactional function).

  • TALAO token deposits to participate in the community (DAO). One needs to stack tokens in order to raise an objection, ask for mediation, write proposals and vote. All of these features require a deposit to prevent bad behaviour within communities. Bad behaviours are typically useless proposals, scamming, fraud, etc.
  • TALAO token used for Gross Payment Volume (GPV). Clients can pay Talent for their work with TALAO Tokens Although they believe fiat currencies will remain the main media of payment, cryptocurrencies will in the coming years surely be accepted by both clients and talents. The GPV is the standard indicator to measure the total business supported by one marketplace.
  • TALAO token deposits to open a Reputation Vault. A predefined amount of tokens is then stacked by talent as a deposit. If talent leaves and closes his/her Reputation Vault, tokens are transferred back to the talent wallet. The Ethereum address private key is used as the key of the Reputation Vault. Talent is the only owner of his/her vault.

• TALAO tokens to buy premium services. With tokens clients can for instance buy screening services, urgent requests ranking, conflict settlement procedures or access a one talent Reputation Vault. Tokens are then transferred from client wallets to communities’ wallets or talent (or agent) wallet. Talent can use TALAO Tokens to request skill endorsements from community experts (the highest skilled talent). Tokens are then transferred from one talent wallet to a group of talent wallets.

TALAO tokens can be exchanged against Ethers in the marketplace and are also used to automatically refill user wallets with Ethers if needed (to pay transaction gas). One cannot change TALAO Tokens against fiat currencies in the Talao marketplace.

TALAO tokens are not associated with voting rights or revenues. The Talao reputation system is not based on token holdings but client ratings and DAO contributions. The TALAO Token is neither an asset token nor a work token.

For more information visit the https://www.talao.io/.

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