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Tezos project is breaking new ground in a variety of ways. It has been an exciting time for the larger cryptocurrency community as innovation has taken off and the technology has gained traction. But breaking a trail will always come with unexpected turns, serious challenges, and hard decisions. During these times, it is especially important to remain true to the principles of the project: practicality, integrity, sound governance, and preservation of the interests of the community. These four pillars have taken on new meaning for us over the last two months and, team hope, have guided us well.

“We remain resolute in our commitment to the vision of Tezos and to those who have adopted this vision with us and are helping us drive it forward.


Arthur and Kathleen”

Assuming that the foundation council acts on the plans it has shared with Tezos, they believe that the community will see:
  • A faster pace of progress, as the foundation can now commit resources to finally hire the talented people who have expressed interest in working with Tezos and the Tezos community.
  • Clearer and more frequent communications.
  • A steady increase in the pace of the remaining work to be done to bring the Tezos technology to the point where it is sufficiently secure and scalable to be launched. Tezos current best estimate for shipping the main net is now February of 2018, though the firm date remains “when it’s ready”. To say that Tezos regret the delay is an understatement.
  • More research projects, as the foundation commits resources to research groups working on formal verification, consensus algorithms, and cryptography.
  • Announcing partnerships with businesses, as the foundation will be able to commit resources to working with the many talented entrepreneurs who have expressed strong interest in Tezos.
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