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The Fixy Network
However, despite the disruptive nature of cryptocurrency, and its invaluable benefits and potential application, it remains limited, under unitized, and exceptionally volatile. The reason for the underutilization is simply because it lacks real use in everyday life. Lack of everyday use is one the factors that make cryptocurrency very volatile, customers and companies can rarely use Cryptocurrencies for transactions. Hence, it is difficult for its value to be stable, despite its advantages. Introducing Fixy App, a blockchain based application that will facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in ordinary everyday life. Fixy App is a blockchain solution, from cryptocurrency enthusiasts to cryptocurrency beginners. The solution is giving users several benefits such as, monetizing their Cryptocurrencies and being able to get paid in both FIAT and cryptocurrency when they are selling their goods and services.

Benefits of blockchain

Trustable: Information on the blockchain is reliable, and can be acted upon by users in conducting their transactions. Lack of the third party prevents interference and eliminates all forms of backdoor transactions.
Transparency: Transactions on a block are available for everyone. All members on a blockchain are able to make changes and this makes for transparency. The problem of multiple ledge multiple ledgers is a non-issue as the recording is done with a single public ledger.
Fast Transactions: Unnecessary time-wasting procedures are cut out by blockchain technology, and time and money are equally saved. With blockchain technology time and money usually take only a few minutes as opposed to the interbank transaction that could take hours, even days to be completed.
Security: Security on the blockchain is completely guaranteed through encryption and cryptography.


The major criticism against cryptocurrency by experts and investors is that cryptocurrency investments are hardly useful for everyday life. The Fixy marketplace changes things as it brings together and organizes companies on the one hand (companies on the platform are referred to as partners) and on the other hand, brings together customers (customers are referred to as users on the platform). The fixy private marketplace is a network for the cryptocurrency world, in that anyone can attend. Fixy commerce marketplace is a network for the Partner companies who have paid the entry fee in Fixy Token to become a part of the platform for selling and making ad making advertisement.

How Fixy Network Works

The Fixy Network brings together customers and retailers who are interested in participating in using cryptocurrency for transactions. New participants can get into the world of cryptocurrency by purchasing the Fixy gift card which would be sold in approved stores across the globe. New users’ card will be credited as soon as they have gone through the “know your customer” process which is very fast while existing users’ balance will be loaded directly into their wallets. In other words, the general idea of the Fixy marketplace is to connect users and partners via a simple process.

Benefits of Fixy App

  • The Fixy app provides shortcuts for newbie cryptocurrency enthusiast to enter the world of cryptocurrency by making it easy and secure for investors to monetize their Cryptocurrencies.
  • The Fixy app allows companies and ICOs to reach more customers, brands to sell more and get paid in both cryptocurrency and fiat.
  • The Fixy app has a decentralized peer to peer marketplace and a decentralized OTC exchange.
  • Fixy will offer a gift card which will be available in every Fixy network store and will be sold in fiat.
  • Users will be able to access feature like OTC trading for cryptocurrency, gold, and silver within the app.
  • The store locator on the Fixy app will also make it easy for users to find the nearest Fixy store to them.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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