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The Korona Coin

The Korona Coin is a functioning network of different applications and with features that support private users and businesses that seek the benefits of blockchain payment solutions. The components of the system include:

  • A new digital payment technology
  • E-commerce payments
  • Wise product and market selection
  • Korona payments in shops
  • Exchange
  • Business wallets
  • Integrated service packages
  • Short-term volatility tempering
  • Integrated market support
  • Price reduction for its users

How Korona Coin Works

E-commerce is booming, but there are still some small-and-medium enterprises that are unable to connect to e-commerce stores. This is due to the perceived high cost and lack of knowledge. The Korona ecosystem will provide an accessible and usable web store platform to be used and accessed by the local businesses so that they can perform e-commerce activities. The ecosystem will provide integrated and complete service packages for businesses and private customers. The users will have a transparent, easy to use and licensed platform that can meet their complex needs such as efficient payment technology, wallet management, and fiat exchange. Additionally, customers will be able to get support services including taxation information, market access support and client protection among other support services.

The platform will also provide marketable goods and services that can be purchased online or in real stores. The platform also plans to benefit its users in terms of reduced prices and costs and a chance to earn rewards for those who spend or buy tokens.


In the current blockchain payment systems mainly investors can benefit. Transactions bring real values only above a certain amount of tokens. Instant payments can not be effected, fast transactions are expensive. Due to technology limits Bitcoin cannot support the daily activities of ordinary users and businesses, also Ethereum’s efficiency is limited. Both the number of cryptowallet-users and the crypto-to-crpto transaction portion will grow fast if and when the ordinary citizens and businesses will gain confidence and also they will find their benefits in using cryptobased payments and services.
In the newly established CRYPTO ECONOMY 2.0, they believe that, for immediate impact, the focus is partly on new technology, and partly also on new commercial platforms and a complete blockchain business model that make the most use of the cryptocurrency, their newly estblished Korona Coin.

Business wallets for business users

The Korona Ecosystem business users will be able to create special business wallets that have additional features, which enable the businesses to make all benefits arising from the Korona business support system. To provide transparency but also to help interactions with local authorities, the business users of Korona wallets will be able to officially register their wallets. This means that even though private users are provided with anonymity, the companies will have the option to register and to connect their wallets officially to the company.

Additionally, business users will have special features that will be available 0-24h online, such as:

printable history of all transaction
printable history of transaction exchange rates to support accounting tasks
printable history of transactions in selected fiat money to support accounting tasks
separate printable transaction history with other registered business users (indicating names, addresses, tax numbers) to support inter-company crypto based payments or clearings either within the same company group or in the global commerce between various companies
possibility to request taxation information support
request instant smart contracts to enter the fiat receivable service mechanism provided by Korona Crypto Bank Services

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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