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The MoonLite Project

The MoonLite Project will operate in the Crypto-Currency Mining space, and plans to begin by mining predominantly Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH & Litecoin on an industrial scale. Operations are set to begin in August 2018, and aims to be in time, one of the larger global crypto-mining companies. The proceeds from mining operations will be split as follows:
• Liquidating a percentage into fiat currency for operational costs and traditional investments, ad-hoc re-investment into operations, and other crypto & blockchain opportunities.
• Retaining a certain percentage of crypto-currency for the appreciation and investment value through, investment in a number of crypto-hedge-funds, and investment though other traditional investment channels
• Retaining a certain percentage of crypto-currency to be used for planned equipment purchase and expansion.

MoonLite intends to grow into one of the largest crypto currency mining organizations in the world by using low cost, sustainable, and green energy exclusively, run by the best team available, and using customized algorithms and Artificial Intelligence installations to dramatically improve operational efficiency and autonomy of all data centres, by implementing their custom “smart-mining” solution.

The Opportunity

Crypto-currencies have developed over the last 9 years, and have grown from a concept to a relatively stable investment for many. The establishment and certainty of the market and currencies is proven.

MoonLite will have dedicated ASIC and specialised equipment to mine:
● Bitcoin, and bitcoin derivative’s
● DASH (former Dark Coin)
● Litecoin
● Ethereum, depending on profitability at the time

The company aims to continue mining high value, proven and stable currencies with the view of turning some of the mined currencies into fiat currency, while retaining the balance in crypto-currency for the purpose of expansion and investment value. The opportunity to profit from mining comes from an ever increasing demand for cryptocurrency,
and the accessibility by way of dozens of platforms coupled with the capability to mine a significant amount of crypto currency that may be sold on to the consumers and traders.

The Market

These figures are growing hourly and thereby present the opportunity to partake in this growth market by providing the processing power to the network in return for financial rewards. The currency, once mined, will be broken down as described previously. The portion of currency to be liquidated will be sold on the exchanges as there is an ever increasing supply of individuals and corporations requesting to purchase crypto currencies for trade and investment. This demand is not expected to die down. Their mining operation will not have a significant market share in global mining operations; however will be by far the largest mining operation in Southern Africa, they will easily be able to expand further due to the well capitalised and nimble nature of the operation.

Profits arise from:

● Currency will be liquidated into fiat currency and invested traditionally, and through
the investment arm of the group.
● Static un-allocated currency will be invested through crypto-hedge-funds
● Increase in the retained currency value
● Income from the active crypto-currency trading by their dedicated trading team
● Sell currency when price is high, Purchase equipment when price is low

By combining the above as described, with their data centres trading at the bottom of the operational price curve due to low operational and energy costs, they will be able to hedge against downside risk and devaluation of currency, while still reserving the opportunity to profit from increase in currency valuations. In the event of increasing energy tariffs or other market risks, Moonlite would be more resilient and would be able to remain in the market while other miners exit. Arguably, this would have a beneficial effect on mining difficulty and their profits.

Critical Success Factors and Assumptions

● The company needs to continuously update equipment increase or maintain the
available hash-rate to keep up with rising mining difficulty levels.
● Income is based on the business keeping up with rising difficulty levels of volatile
currencies such as DASH. The risk is offset by mining stable currencies such as BTC,
however focus on maintaining constant income levels will need to be primary
● Maintaining a cost effective energy supply
● Keeping costs as per the cash flow projection/budget
● Overall equipment uptime at 90%+
● Additional equipment after phase 1 will be purchased with mining proceeds only
● Maintaining a healthy available cash surplus.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.


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