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The STREAMITY project

The STREAMITY project is focused on creating a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that includes a broad range of services. The goal is to ensure users can benefit from the developments in the cryptocurrency market, while mitigating risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange. The key element of the STREAMITY project is the STREAMDESK aggregator. STREAMDESK ensures exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies using smart contracts. The STREAMDESK prototype is available on-line and represents their core concept.STREAMDESK will ensure the most secure and efficient exchange of cryptocurrencies by aggregating market capitalization and price data from major cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, cryptocurrency rates will always be bound to its true market rate, and forprofit manipulation of exchange rates will be impossible. All fees are known in advance and will be transparent. STREAMDESK provides significant advantages to investors and users. There will be a clear display of relevant market data and its fees, coupled with a fair, transparent, and secure exchange.


Their mission is to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community’s security. They will develop a fair and transparent STREAMDESK service that allows for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies without intermediaries. This will help users save money, and will protect them against fraud through the use of smart contracts.


· The STREAMITY project is a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency services;
· The development of STREAMITY services, and the influx of new users, will create a strong and steady demand for STM;
· STM will be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users and investors to trade instantly;
· Due to STREAMDESK’s convenience, low commissions, and efficient market rates, STREAMDESK allows for economical conversion between fiat currency and STM;
· The manipulation risk of STM rates is minimized due to its reserve fund;
· Each user holding more than 1250 STM will receive a set of privileges, including lower commissions on the STREAMDESK platform.


Streamity services include news and analysis, investment, and educational resources, each existing as an independent business environment. They are creating an attractive and powerful portal in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which will integrate news, ideas, high-quality analysis in one personal account, unique training courses created by experts in various fields, algorithms and ready-made solutions for trading, a number of forums with token remuneration, user-friendly interface, and timely data submission. All of this will involve blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.


  • The “Streamity” project is based on the popular mass service, the demand for the project’s services will be preserved in any conditions of the cryptocurrency market.
  • The development of Streamity services and the influx of new users will create a steady demand for STM.
  • Users receive STM tokens at a price much lower than the price during the launch of the service that gives them significant savings while using the StreamDesk service.
  • Input of fiat money to exchange markets and its withdrawal is far more profitable if you use “StreamDesk” service, thanks to its convenience, low commissions and market prices of the tokens.
  • StreamDesk support reserve fund.
  • Each holder possesing more than 1250 STM will recieve a set of privileges and will be provided with even lower commissions on the “StreamDesk” platform.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.



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