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Thrive – a Blockchain based Marketplace to BUY and SELL

Thrive is a Blockchain based Marketplace to BUY and SELL Advertising at very low fees. People get PAID for data sharing and for reviewing the quality of each website in the ecosystem. You are finally taking back the control of the internet. The Advertising industry is multi-billion dollar business that doesn’t make consumers any richer and heavily affects advertisers in terms of pricing and brand reputation risks.

Thrive Labs ambition statement is to “build a better internet”, together. Thrive’s ultimate goal is to establish the first meritocratic & community based Premium Advertising Market Place, where all participants become strong contributors in defining clear publisher interests, commercial benefits and self- reinforcing processes to make joining the group a no-brainer.
Thrive believes the community is the backbone of its business model, therefore all main actors who are actively contributing to the Ad Market Place development such as Consumers, Reviewers, Advertisers and Publishers are eligible to improve their economic performance. This game changing concept in the digital advertising industry is strictly regulated by a Transparent and Meritocratic reward model ensuring the full reserve token redistribution upon the ramp-up phase gets accomplished.


The digital advertising industry is growing strongly, with revenues increasing sharply over recent years, leading to a consolidation of big players in the ad
exchange market like Google DoubleClick, AppNexus, Criteo, OpenX or AOL’s Marketplace. Recently, a few ICOs have been announced on this topic such as AdEx , Ad Shares, Basic Attention Token, Papyrus and Bitclave. While the dynamism of digital advertising world would not prevent any users from simultaneously using several innovative new products, majority of legacy companies will not have enough flexibility to suddenly dump fees from one day to another without hugely impacting its current organizational structure. Thrive Labs is going to disrupt the Ad industry becoming the cheapest Premium Ad Market ever.


Blockchain is a communication protocol that identifies a technology based on distributed database logic (a database in which data is not stored on a single
computer but on multiple machines connected to one another, called nodes). Blockchain is a database made of blocks that store valid transaction blocks correlated by a timestamp. Each block includes the hash (a non-invertible algorithmic function that maps an arbitrary length string to a predefined length string) of the previous block, linking the blocks together. The linked blocks form a chain, with each additional block that reinforces the previous ones. Blockchain is also a public and shared registry consisting of a number of clients. Blockchain is organized to automatically update to each of the clients participating in the network. Every operation performed must be automatically confirmed by all nodes through encryption software that verifies a private key or seed data package that is used to sign transactions. By guaranteeing the digital identity of those who have authorized you.

Key features of the Blockchain

Reliability: by giving all the direct participants a control over the entire chain, Blockchain becomes a less centralized, less alterable, and at the same time a safer and more reliable system (e.g. malicious attacks). If only one of the chain nodes undergoes an attack and gets damaged, all the other distributed database nodes will still be active and operative, welding the chain and not losing important information.
Transparency: Blockchain transactions are visible to all participants, thus ensuring transparency in operations.
Solidity: The information already stored in the Blockchain cannot be changed in any way. In this way, the information contained in the Blockchain is solid and reliable.
Irrevocability: With the Blockchain all transactions are irrevocable and at the same time more easily traceable. This ensures that the transactions are definitive, without any possibility of being modified or canceled.
For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.



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