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Tradelize – a global cryptocurrency ecosystem and a suite of services
Tradelize is a global cryptocurrency ecosystem and a suite of services that allows token holders to trade their crypto assets with confidence and make smarter investments through harnessing the wisdom of the smart crowd.
Their goal is to lower the barriers to entry into crypto investment markets by providing tools that make crypto trading opportunities accessible to professional and mainstream users. They created a set of tools suitable for pro traders coming from mainstream financial markets. They gave regular users the ability to copy successful strategies used by professional traders, and utilized blockchain to verify performance of these highly skilled individuals. All this combined will become a TRADELIZE community.

Tradelize ecosystem at a glance

They want to see the crypto economy going mainstream and the Tradelize community flourishing. Their business model is to use the funds received during the Token Sale to engage the most successful traders. This is why 80% of all funds received during their Token Sale will be distributed among the ecosystem’s 300 best traders who will manage these funds in order to create the best successful strategies for users. This will create a core of the best crypto ProTraders, whose expertise will be available to be followed by hundreds of thousands of future platform users. How will they determine the best ProTraders? This is where our
Tradelize.score tool comes in handy. During the token sale every trader will be able to start building his or her statistics in Tradelize.score, whether they use Tradelize.terminal or not. In the latter case they can connect their accounts at crypto exchanges to the Tradelize.score through API.

Tradelize Solution

In order to achieve liquidity in the crypto economy, a single trading terminal with direct and immediate access to major crypto exchanges and a suite of related services is needed. They have created something even bigger than that. The Tradelize ecosystem is unique architecture and a set of customer-specific breakthrough tools, featuring the largest blockchain-powered trader network that seeks to facilitate and enable the mass adoption of crypto trading.
Tradelize solution is perfectly suited for every type of participants:
•Traders – participants of cryptocurrency markets, who capitalize on crypto market volatility and inefficiencies.
•Investors – participants who hold cryptocurrency but do not yet know how to best gain a profit from it.
•Lay users – people who have heard about cryptocurrencies but have not yet tried to profit from them.


Tradelize.score is a unique blockchain-based traders database where all trading statistics are registered. Using this tool, ProTraders can share their expertise and investors can find traders they would like to follow. Until now, independant traders had no way to demonstrate to investors transparent and 100% reliable statistics to attract additional capital. This is why they created this blockchain-based service which tracks and records trade statistics and can be completely relied on regardless of which tools and which exchanges traders use to transact.
Overall, the Tradelize.score database will provide the following information for each trader:
•Risk adjusted return
•Risk profile (VAR, expected shortfall)
•Currency exposure
•Trade stats: win rate, profitability

Competitive Advantage

The core purpose of the Tradelize ecosystem is to create a full-fledged and healthy crypto economy. Tradelize brings all the advantages and functions of traditional trading terminals used by hedge funds, mutual funds, trusts, investment banks and pension funds into the crypto world. The platform will open the door for professional markets participants to come and work in the crypto market.
Tradelize is one the first to offer the beginner and lay investors the opportunity to follow every step taken by cryptomarket professionals.
Tradelize is the first to offer a professional trading terminal to experienced traders that trade in stocks, futures and options.
Tradelize is the first to create a professional social network for cryptocurrency traders, providing verified statistics database.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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