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Tutor Ninja Token («NTOK»)
Tutor Ninja Token («NTOK») is a global decentralized ecosystem for continuing education aimed at allowing
tutors and students to interact via an online platform based on a blockchain.

The open nature of the platform means that the ecosystem will be able to expand rapidly. In NTOK, every student can find a tutor and every tutor can find a student. Unlike other “middleman” models for bringing students and tutors together, NTOK takes a minimal commission for direct contact: this makes it possible to generate interest in the service by keeping it affordable, to reduce the price of the service, and to attract a greater number of students into the ecosystem.


They are developing a decentralized peer-to-peer platform to create a global ecosystem for continuing education, where the key participants (tutors and students) can find each other. The NTOK platform is aimed at allowing NTOK tokenholders, both tutors and students, to interact directly. One of their goals is to remove the middlemen such as commercial schools and study centers and to create economic benefits for the key
participants in the ecosystem.

The central part of the NTOK platform is the NTOK crypto-token which is used for various purposes, including paying for lessons by students and earning income by teachers and content providers.

During the initial phase, their plan is for the NTOK platform to provide the following functionalities:

Tutor search and selection:

  • Students will be able to search using several parameters, for example: by subject, profile, language, price, rating, availability, etc. Students will receive a set of profiles for tutors available to teach the requested
    subjects for the price and at the times specified as part of the search.
Online schedule for tutors and students:
  • Students will be able to see free slots in the teacher’s schedule as well as their own upcoming lessons.
Direct payment to tutors using crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain:
  • The students will know that they are paying the tutor directly, without paying a significant markup to a middleman

Interactive study area:

  • Participants will enjoy audio and video connection with better quality than Skype, chat, file sharing, interactive whiteboard, and also benefit from an interactive testing system offering unique types of exercises for each subject category.

Token economics

A substantial part of the proceeds from the ICO will be used for financing marketing, attracting new students
and tutors on the NTOK platform. On average, every student is expected to conducts 8 lessons per month per subject studied.

A significant part of any fees we are able to generate from the use of the NTOK platform by third parties will
be reinvested in the further expansion of the NTOK ecosystem, the acquisition of teams and companies focused on the development of education technology and similar products and services, and investment
in intellectual property, technology and other related matters.
If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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