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Utrum – a decentralized reward platform

Utrum is a decentralized reward platform which will provide cryptocurrency stakeholders an ecosystem where they can share information in earnest. The Utrum team understands that as new blockchain technologies are being developed, it is increasingly difficult for investors to intelligently and informatively find the best cryptocurrency investments in the industry. Utrum will provide an ecosystem that solves the problems by connecting experienced analysts and developers with investors and new comers. Contributors are rewarded Utrum Tokens (called “OOT” tokens) for contributed content, while investors and newbies are able to access the reviews, ratings, market predictions, and in-depth analysis of assets and opportunities based on trustworthiness and profitability factors. Members are rewarded OOT tokens for ratings they provide.
Utrum is building on the philosophy of leveraging crowd wisdom while subjecting collected information to a “trial by Jury.” According to Digital Maoism, the collective opinions based on this “Jury” model are more accurate when it does not define its question, in other words, the effectiveness of an answer can be evaluated using simple results that are numeric or empirical.


As the investment opportunities within cryptocurrency evolve, new complexities have grown with them, leading to confusion and increasing the risk level for even the more experienced investor. Unlike traditional markets where certain predictable and time-tested economic and technical factors help the skilled investor make smarter decisions, cryptocurrency is still inherently unpredictable. And with no trusted entity to ensure the authenticity of specific decentralized assets, ICOs, Coins, and TIFs (Tokenized Investment Funds) many scams, Ponzi and MLM schemes have sprung up. As a result, most cryptocurrency investors, skilled and unskilled alike, are finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between good and bad crypto investments. This often leads to legitimate projects lacking sufficient investors while scams, overt or covert, generate false hype while collecting large sums of money. Many investors have lost their hard-earned life savings due to a lack of awareness, a trusted entity on authenticating investments, and cryptocurrency knowledge. This diversion of focus and funding has caused injury to trust, projects, people and innovation.


Utrum is a platform that provides unbiased information and metrics on cryptocurrency assets, ICOs, and other related investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency space. One of the initial challenges is incentivizing those who have the skills and knowledge to share with the community, while authenticating these sources and assigning a trust rating to their content. While some centralized/privately operated solutions have attempted at addressing these issues, they do not address the most pressing problem of trust through bias and manipulation as discussed. A blockchain-based solution guarantees transparency, accuracy and quality to provide trust for trustless parties. Utilizing the blockchain, Utrum will provide:

  • Security
    The blockchain provides a secure platform for those who wish to share information (i.e. contributors) and those who wish to access information (i.e. investors). The information and metrics shared regarding a particular investment opportunity, such as reviews, predictions, and opinions are provably immutable and cannot be altered. Because Utrum will incentivize using cryptocurrency, the blockchain also provides a secure payment ledger.
  • Confidentiality
    One of the challenges in creating unbiased reviews is corporate interference. Utilizing blockchain features, the identity of contributors is protected while maintaining the quality of information. This layer of anonymity promotes honesty without consequence when/if negative information is shared. It also promotes good behavior on the part of projects/ICOs.
  •  Ownership
    A decentralized blockchain platform keeps it in the hands of the users. Contributors and members a like validate information provided, resulting in a self-regulating community of authenticating all information within the ecosystem.

Utrum Token

Crypto developers can use OOT to make promotions. As a utility, they are used by investors and other members to access in-depth technical analysis and market predictions.Utrum Tokens, called OOT tokens, are the cryptocurrency utility tokens used within the Utrum platform.Members can use OOT to seek expert advice or buy and sell crypto-related services within the platform marketplace.

Token alocation

  • TOKEN SALE (23.0%)

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.


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