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Singles and couples face numerous challenges in their journey of finding love and sustaining their relationships. Singles risk being victims of love scams due to the lack of identity verification, experience online dating fatigue and could be exploited by some unethical dating services. On the other hand, couples face difficulty in sustaining their marriages, exacerbated by uncertainty on where to seek help and which advice to follow. Many are also reluctant to share their problems due to concerns of privacy and stigma.

Viola.AI is solution for singles and couples experiencing these love and relationship challenges.

Viola.AI harnesses on the latest technology in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and trustless smart contracts to develop a powerful lifelong relationship advisor named Viola and an AI-driven marketplace to create and sustain successful and happy relationships for all singles and couples.

Viola.AI is designed to help achieve the following objectives:

  1. The World’s Most Effective A.I. Advisor and Assistant for Dating and Relationships
  2. The Go-to Marketplace for Dating and Relationship

To achieve the objectives, Viola.AI is equipped with several core capabilities.

  • A.I. Engine – Provides highly personalized matching and discreet relationship advices which evolves according to the user’s relationship status by employing A.I. with personalised machine learning engine and natural language empathy
  • Blockchain Technology – Protects users through Real-ID Verification with visual recognition technology, facilitates trustless and efficient transactions with Viola.AI Wallet and Hedged Escrow System
  • Marketplace – Provides timely recommendations to address the user’s needs for goods and services, offers strong community support with quality content and advice that addresses user’s enquiry and allows customization of Viola.AI core services on 3rd party platforms


A cryptographic token that serves as a community currency in Viola marketplace implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.

Viola.AI is built by proven pioneers who have been in the industry for the last 13 years. Their founders are the leading dating entrepreneurs in South East Asia with a combined 4000+ media coverage including international media (e.g. BBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post). They are seasoned brand and business builders who are experienced in multi-country expansion; their brick-and-mortar businesses have presence in 6 countries. They are experienced managers, currently manage a team of over 110 people. They have developed several successful dating platform and services from scratch even they did not have much prior experience. They were hungry to learn and have managed to master the technology behind it. They are here to stay in the industry as they find it meaningful and have long staked their reputations and finances on it. They would apply all their experience and knowledge to ensure Viola.AI is a success.


Payment Transactions

VIOLA token can be used for payment for goods and services starting with 10 existing platforms in their eco-system and with plans to expand into other partners’ ecosystems/platforms as well.


Merchants/Experts must buy VIOLA tokens if they to want advertise their services or goods to the Viola.AI and partner’s database. This presents another source of utility and usage for the token.

Community Usage

VIOLA tokens are used in the Community as rewards to users, merchants and experts that provide great content, advice and ideas that value-adds to the Community and Viola.AI’s learning and future responses.


Total Token Supply: 250 Million Tokens
Hard Cap: US$12.5 Million
Soft Cap: US$1 Million
1 VIOLA = US$0.20
 37%  Token Sale
 28%  Rewards & Bounty Pool
 25%  Company Reserve
 10%  Team & Advisory Pool

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.
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