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Virtonomics – platform for creation of a mainstream cryptocurrency

Virtonomics is a fundamentally new paradigm and platform for creation of a mainstream cryptocurrency, VICoin, based on the alternative virtual economy development Virtonomics is an online strategy game, based on real world economy, business, entrepreneurship and management principles. The purpose of the game is to create a profitable and competitive business. Each player receives a starting capital, which can be used to develop the virtual company according to their own unique scenario. Users choose their custom business aims, strategies and tactics.

Problem to be Solved

Tall financial, technological and intellectual hurdles of mining as a means of earning cryptocurrency on the mass market:

Mining as the main means of income is not optimal for the average user

“Domestic” mining farms are no rivals for industrial operators

Mining involves huge investment and overhead expenses

The margin in mining is decreasing


For cryptocurrencies to become a truly massive phenomenon, it is initial to provide a much clearer and more familiar way of its generation (production) in addition to industrial mining as itself. Virtonomics divides the platform for cryptocurrency creation into two processes:

Mining of blocks, left for professionals providing the technological basis of the cryptocurrency

Digging as the activity which is meaningful and comprehensible for the general user, while delivering the value of and demand for the cryptocurrency

The essence of their concept and Virtonomic$ platform can be summed up in a simple formula:

They build an ecosystem that will enable anyone with basic knowledge of economy, management and entrepreneurship to become a digger who applies and capitalizes on his expertise and skills to earn cryptocurrency in a multiuser global business simulator that emulates macro and micro economical processes and the interaction of economic agents.
  • They open the cryptocurrencies market to everyone
  • They build an alternative global economy with minimal hurdles for investment in the development of your business and the achievement of your business ambitions
  • They create an alternative, cross-border and publicly available labor market.


Using specially realized smart contracts, the Ethereum blockchain will store the data on:
-the total number of VICoin in circulation;
– the balance of VICoin on player’s account and fund flows;
– purchase and ownership of digging units;
Additionally, the smart contract will implement the functionality of settlements between owners of virtual companies and hired managers according to labor contracts.

Token sale

Limited size of issue and overdemand.
– The total amount of VICoin to be issued is set at 800 000 000.
– The economics of the token’s circulation is self-contained. One can buy any Virtonomics digging assets only for tokens. At the moment of purchase on Virtonomics Marketplace the according amount of tokens is burnt. Settlements between users for services provided (labor market in Virtonomics) are done exclusively in VICoin tokens.
– Tokens are issued gradually and with decreasing time effect. For example, 19% tokens will be mined in the first year 19% but only 15% in the second year, and so on. The fall of the total amount of mined tokens with the expansion of the project’s audience will boost demand and, consequently, the rate of the token.



If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.



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