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White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a browser plugin that aims to resolve the failing business model of digital distribution of films and series. Content is expensive, users have less choice than before, revenue is neither transparent nor cash-flow
positive and by not accepting users streaming habits, the industry itself encourages piracy. White Rabbit offers a p2p tokenized system powered by blockchain technology that will enable users to access any content globally, reduce cost by paying producers and creatives directly, revenue share with streaming sites to encourage an innovative streaming market and offer a transparent and instant monetization model for producers, investors, the artists and the entertainers.

White Rabbit´s solution

White Rabbit´s solution to these challenges is its unique browser plugin that recognizes the content you are
streaming, from any P2P or open server streaming site you choose to stream from. Once the content is recognized,
the plugin allows users to pay the rights holders and filmmakers directly as they stream. Therefore, they enable a
competitive market for digital distribution and liberate creators, their content and the users from subscription
platforms. Instead of closed subscription services, White Rabbit separates distribution from payment, offering one
login, one payment system but infinite viewing experiences.


White Rabbit is an integrated non-intrusive browser plugin/application that ensures a seamless streaming experience for users. The plug-in recognizes the content being streamed and allows users to offer White Rabbit Tokens (WRT) to the content rights holder (CRH). If CRH accepts tokens, it allows for payments of content without hindering the streaming preference of the user.White Rabbit together with the Rabbit Hole is a powerful tool for the CRH, allowing them to monetize, manage and develop IP rights. Payment from users is immediate and transparent, the Rabbit Hole allows CRH to earn additional revenue on versioning or complementary content and they can build and broaden their fan base.

Marketing Strategy

In creating their brand they have always had these two words in mind: Responsible. Rebel. They are here to change an industry for the better — for the artist, the entertainer, the producer, the investor, for an entire industry, but perhaps most of all — for the fans. There is too much at stake to not disrupt the industry — and equally too much at stake to not disrupt it right. That is why they call their selves responsible rebels: they have the key to make sure all the stakeholders get their due. That is their brand, that is their message.
White Rabbit will focus its initial efforts on PR — participating in panels during film festivals, media interviews, blogs, promotion through their community during and after the token sale and at blockchain and crypto conferences. Direct grass roots cause and brand communication is key, befitting their product and profile. White Rabbit is about protecting the artists, the entertainers, the producers, the investors, the industry and the families. It is about protecting and rewarding the fans. The best way they can communicate their mission, is directly to all those concerned.


For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the WHITEPAPER.

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