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Xchangerate.io – a data-driven robot that makes decisions

XchangeRate presents a solution: an intelligent algorithm or “robot” that helps investors navigate the complex cryptocurrency market and make expert decisions, all in one convenient platform. Data pipelines from plugins and APIs combine with unique, relevant metrics to detect market attitudes. Investors set buy/sell parameters and choose to make manual or automatic trades triggered by if/then conditions. Users are freed from having to make every decision and separately track trends and currencies. Instead, the XchangeRate robot makes intelligent decisions on its users’ behalf, enabling investors to trade popular currencies around the clock based on set criteria and interpretation of good data  nalysis proprietary to XRR platform.

Xchangerate.io is a data-driven robot that makes decisions based on the buy and sell attitudes on cryptocurrency exchanges and user parameters. Plugins and APIs feed the robot data and unique metrics to provide the insightful analyzing power. XchangeRate is a platform that will keep increasing the number of supported exchanges it trades with via API. XchangeRate is intended to be a web application that will be responsive on smaller devices. The product’s platform will support and advertise via crowd sale. Xchangerate uses API from the most trusted sources including cyptocompare.com, coinmarketcap.com and all supporting exchanges.

Application methods

The XchangeRate robot has a console where the data output from the algorithm over all the platforms are presented to the trader to help facilitate ease in decision making. The trader can make informed choices based on the strength of the indices provided. This console is named Coin Monitoring Board, popularly called CMB. The CMB handily provides the RSI, MACD, PRR, FR and the SI to the trader, however, the XchangeRate robot is designed as an automated tool to function as a smart buy and sell robot using these indicators as the elements to filter coins on the exchange. The watch List on the other hand does not do the actual exchange transaction but uses the preset filter to alert the trader when a coin has reached the indicators specified by the user.

Business Model

The Xchangerate business model combines the subscription model and the internal value chain of tokenized-incentive-based strategy model. Xchangerate charges minimal subscription fees to subscribers who run the Automated bot and the Coin Monitoring Board using the Bitcoin or XRR Tokens. However, internally the XRR Coin is the currency that would be used to exchange value between the strategy initiator and the strategy adopter, with a fee for such transaction on the Xchangerate platform. Xchangerate Robot and the Coin Monitoring Board are poised to take its offerings beyond cryptocurrencies alone, their research and development has found the relevance of their metrics in other speculative market variants like the stock market, commodities and forex. The universal nature of their metrics will empower their token economy and deployment and drive up the value of each token on this offering.

Token Deployment

XRR Coin will be implemented as a utility token used to transact on the xchangerate.io in two major models. There is a subscription charge where users will make a a minimal monthly payment to gain access to the platform. There is also a strategy rating marketplace where users can check the success rates of different strategies and the TC (Token Costs) the initiators have attached to them. Token Adopters can adopt these strategies at the TC while there is a platform fee for the transaction. The XRR Team will work with major exchanges such as Yobit, EtherDelta, KuCoin, Huobi, OkEx, and Binance to list the XRR coin on their exchanges so that the XRR Coin can be easily bought and sold.

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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