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Zeex – a platform that is designed to allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency for goods and services

Zeex is the new platform that is designed to allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency for goods and services at all their major shopping stores and brands. For example, with Zeex, you can trade tokens for goods from Sony like the Playstation 4 and games. Or you can use it Amazon to order just about anything you can imagine like groceries, clothing and electronics. Another of the popular stores users are getting products from with the new cryptocurrency is from H&M, the mainstream Swedish founded clothing store. Basically, you can use Zeex to turn crypto into just about anything you can imagine. And to top if off, there are absolutely no fiat costs, and no crypto fees at all.

The Problem

Despite its many advantages, rapid propagation and revolutionary implications, cryptocurrency suffers from some notable disadvantages. First among these is its lack of fungibility: cryptocurrency is not yet readily convertible into the goods and services people really want. By contrast, gift cards and vouchers, for example, are readily convertible into goods and services. Indeed, that is their primary purpose. However, some disadvantages affect these vouchers as well, like difficult transfer between holders due to the high risk of double spending, and demand for gift cards outstrips the supply. Here, they describe these currencies and the friction involved in converting them before describing how Zeex can and will solve the problem rapidly, efficiently and elegantly.

The Solution

Zeex solves the deficiencies of both gift cards and cryptocurrency by making each seamlessly convertible to the other. On the one hand, Zeex frees cryptocurrency from the confines of digital media, making it readily convertible into goods and services via gift cards. On the other, it frees gift cards from being tiedto individual holders, making them as easy totransfer between holders as cryptocurrency with the same safety and transparency. It is the liquidity network connecting cryptocurrencies to products and services that everyone has been waiting for.
The Zeex platform includes an elegant frontend, a blockchain – based and fully transparent backend, and a digital wallet to effortlessly store and manage all the user’s tradable units. The frontend provides the user clear and intuitive access to the broad catalogue of gift cards from top brands, the cryptocurrency units they have available to spend, and their +++§2X tokens, which hinge the two types of currency together and allow users to pivot smoothly and easily from one to the other. Zeex allows users to buy and sell their gift cards an— finally to spend their cryptocurrency.

The apps and roadmap

To ensure an intuitive user experience and minimize barriers to entry, Zeex is developing a full palette of user friendly apps. These apps will give users the ability to review the contents of their wallets; examine their current activity in the form of pledges, sales and purchases; peruse the catalogue of currencies available to purchase; and engage in new transactions. Three native applications are in various stages of development and represent key milestones in launching Zeex. The first native app scheduled for release is the web app, followed by native apps for iOS and Android. Zeex values the input of its users. To optimise the user experience, Zeex will enable technical users access to beta versions of the apps on a testnet. This will allow them to familiarise themselves with the look and functions of the platform as well as to provide feedback and improve the general release. Alongside development to enhance the user experience, the backend will also achieve a series of milestones. These include the smart contract for the Zeex protocol, stocking the catalogue of vouchers from brands in high demand, supply-management procedures and transaction management processes.

Source: youtube/Zeex

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.


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