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ZPER – an Ethereum-backed financial ecosystem

ZPER is an Ethereum-backed financial ecosystem that will improvise the use of smart contract technology to offer P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions. The venture is a combination of efforts from robot-advisors and top P2P lending companies to come up with a solution to fund secure transactions between borrowers and lenders across the globe. The ZPER platform will establish the finance model by combining the modern values of P2P finance and asset data from all over the world. As a result, the platform will have the ability to transcend any country and currency and bring about a conventional structure in the global use and flow of funds.


Most important problems ot the current P2P finance that Atract ZPER ‘ Atraction:

-Dificulties in Selecting P2P Finance Companies:Compared to the financial instituitions under the supervion of the financial authorithies ,P2P finance is regulated more leniently.This is not surprising given the size and social influence if the current P2P finance industry.In addition even though the way that P2P finance utilizes digital alternative data to assign credit ratings is revolutionary compared to the way of existing financial institutions,this metod has not been fully proven due to the limited acces to data necesary to analyze risks.

-Difficulties in Allocating Safe and Efficient Portofolios:Even when P2P finance companies conduct a high level of risks analyses through different ways ,there still exists the possibility of insovency .This problem is universall in all financial sectors,not just in P2P finance.

-Difficulties in Utilizing Data for Innovative Credit Evaluation:In the course of matching loan applications of borrowers to investors ,P2P finance companies deal with.This is because the loans ,which are the basic assests of invesments products,are due to be repaid on a fixed date.Of course,liquidation through injection of funds from new investors is sstill possible before such a due date.


The decentralized ecosystem is open to individual borrowers, P2P finance companies, robot-advisors, investors and financial information providers. A platform is an excellent option since the ZPR token allows for a global loan-to-investment model to enable the exchange of information regarding loans to participants across the globe. The ZPR Token can be purchased during the initial coin offering which has yet to be announced by the company.

The ecosystem is also open to global businesses that plan on having P2P finance services, data providers and all kind of loan purchasers. All these characters can benefit from the functions within the platform that will include connecting investors to borrowers, exchange of information, preparation of portfolios, loan management, risk analysis and the transaction of funds.

ZPER Token

Tokens for Pre-Sale & Crowdsale : ZPR

Hardcap: 48.000 ETH
Softcap:5.000 ETH
Token sale: 50 %
Team & Advisors: 17 %
Reserve: 10.7 %
Ecosytem : 22.3%

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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