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Ankorus – blockchain asset-backed tokens

Ankorus will forge a vital new connection from the crypto sphere to the established world of finance, enriching both with enhanced levels of opportunity and security. Ankorus will enable cryptoholders to buy real world financial assets. In exchange for cryptocurrency, Ankorus will create and allocate tokens that are exactly value-pegged to their corresponding assets. The natural result we expect to be a radical disruption to the traditional financial world. Cryptoholders could truly diversify their portfolios across multiple asset classes. Harnessing innovative technology, Ankorus is initiating a new landscape of frictionless trading, beyond geographical boundaries and prohibitive financial barriers.


The Anchor Token system will be an alternative investment ecosystem that tokenises and makes available any financial instrument, including stocks, bonds, futures, options, gold, silver, commodities, REITs, ETFs and sovereign debt. When our customers purchase Anchor Tokens, we will immediately purchase the corresponding asset. Ankorus, as trusted custodian, holds this asset in reserve. Token holders can exchange their Anchor Tokens on the Ankorus token exchange, AnchorNet, or redeem their value directly from us.


Ankorus will be able to tokenise into an Anchor Token any financial asset that’s currently available. Ankorus will also take requests for Anchor tokenisation in return for a one-time tokenisation fee. Ankorus will make available for purchase any financial assets currently traded worldwide, such as AMZN, FB, SBUX, BIDU, AAPL, US T-Bills and Bonds, USD, CHF, JPY, SPY, GLD, ZKB Gold, Crude Oil.


  • The customer selects a financial asset to tokenise
  • Customer pays Ankorus for their purchase in any one of a number of currencies (this will include BTC, ETH, Ripple’s XRP, BCH, Litecoin, Dash, NEO, Tether and ANK).
  • The Ankorus broker-dealer purchases the underlying securities, as selected by the customer. Orders are filled at the security’s currently traded price.
  • The equivalent value of Anchor Tokens for that security is then credited to the customer’s account in their smart wallet, minus a small fee and commission. Anchor Tokens will be credited to the customer’s wallet within minutes of receiving the order.
  • Any earnings derived from underlying securities will be either automatically reinvested back into those securities, giving the customer a larger number of Anchor Tokens, or credited to the customer’s wallet. The customer can choose which of the two options they prefer.


Token holders will be able to trade their Anchor Tokens for other Anchor Tokens on AnchorNet, their planned proprietary Anchor Token exchange platform (see The AnchorNet Trading Platform) and also on any other available cryptocurrency exchanges.


To ensure a proper link is maintained between existing Anchor Tokens and their underlying securities, and maintain the requisite transparency of operations, Ankorus will employ various mechanisms:

  • They will be audited by the exchange.
  • They will be audited by all the necessary monetary authorities.
  • They will invite existing reputable auditors to examine our books.

In addition to these measures, Ankorus customers will be able to inspect the general ledger to compare total tokens created against the total value of securities held. Daily brokerage statements will also be issued for confirmation of transactions done and securities held.


Anchor Token holders will store their tokens in highly secure and reactive Ankorus smart wallets. Ankorus smart wallets will leverage proprietary technology to achieve an unsurpassed level of security within a presently immature and predatory cryptocurrency environment. Vulnerability to hacking is vastly reduced. Smart wallets will employ Reactive Portfolio Management (RPM), providing a display that enables users to monitor in realtime the current value of their Anchor Tokens, in their chosen base currency, and the value of any held fiat currency. Account
statements can also be requested.In the event of fraudulent transfer, RPM technology will automatically trigger the self-destruct algorithm built within Anchor Tokens. Further, each party will be made whole via the annulling of
invalid transactions and awarding of replacement tokens.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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