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ARNA Genomics – innovative biotechnological company

This is innovative biotechnological company, launched by a team of likeminded scientists and businessmen and grown from the scientific and research laboratory into full scale venture. They develop revolutionary early detection methods for select cancers in order to launch a line of diagnostic tests for early cancer detection on the global markets. Their mission is to increase the life expectancy and significantly reduce human mortality. They relentlessly
pursued this goal through cutting edge screening methods, diagnosis correction, treatment monitoring,
and increasing patient adherence.

ARNA Genomics has discovered a technology enabling highly specific tests development for different cancers. Besides, the company has also developed a unique concept of blockchain-based ecosystem-grade platform intended for use as an instrument to support R&D and implementation of biotechnologies worldwide.

Core Product – ARNA BC

ARNA Genomics has developed and validated in lab setting the efficiency of its product we call the “ARNA BC” – breast cancer test, based on the analysis of free-circulating DNA in human blood plasma. ARNA BC studies they have completed to date, clearly show that this test is capable to diagnose breast cancer at all stages, including the earliest ones through specific blood plasma analysis. Lab sensitivity and specificity of ARNA BC are both close to 95% rate. What this means is that ARNA BC currently doesn’t even have any close competition in terms of its efficiency among any other available or indevelopment tests.

Patent protection of ARNA BC

All ARNA Genomics intellectual property assets are currently protected and owned by BIOMARKERRU LLC patents. It’s worth noting, that key part of the ARNA test technology is protected by a “Coca-Cola-type” strict “know how” regimen to avoid early copycats. We intend to follow a robust strategy of intellectual property protection from, which will be detailed and brought to execution with engagement of TOP 10 legal counsel in IP protection after completion of TDE.

ARNA Panacea development

ARNA Genomics will provide to all market players working with cancer a fundamentally new way to access and interact with the clinical trials data collection and storage environment. Using ARNA tokens the holders would be able to pay for other system members services (e.g. cancer check-ups, tests, etc.), get access to the medical trial data storage system for professional medical use, pay for other system users services or start fundraising to perform a new study.

ARNA Genomics will be using the existing methodology and “best practices” available for the successful development and implementation of this solution for all members of the ARNA Panacea ecosystem:

  • Discuss and Discover: the first phase of the project would include discussion and evaluation of the key market players requirements in terms of their adaptability towards the Blockchain technology, as well as all of the technical requirements.
  • Design & Prototype: this phase deals with the Blockchain node prototype development in affiliation with our trusted partners in order to evaluate and perform comprehensive functionality testing of the ARNA Panacea ecosystem.
  • Development: the basic system model development will be completed during this phase.
  • Deployment: this phase involves the deployment of the ARNA Panacea ecosystem as well as the involvement of new partners and market players.
  • Application Support: ARNA Genomics will continue to support the system and its members for an indefinite period of time.

ARNA Tokens, Goal and description

ARNA is an open source cryptographic token designed as a crypto-currency intended to be used as a payment tool for ARNA Panacea platform members’ services as well as one of the payment methods for ARNA BC test after its market launch. ARNA token will become an accounting unit in all economic transactions of the ARNA Panacea Blockchain platform and will serve as a basis for interaction with other market players and clinical trials, including human DNA research. As described below, the major portion of ARNA tokens money supply will become readily available in the near future, since part of ARNA tokens will be reserved for ARNA Genomics payment vehicle. Like
other crypto-currencies, ARNA tokens are interchangeable and transferable; their placement on crypto-currency market is expected.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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