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BurstIQ has developed a platform and ecosystem that is built to enable a coming transformation in the healthcare space, according to chief executive officer, Frank Ricotta. Ricotta added, data is becoming increasingly critical to clinical, operational, and individual decision-making. In addition, interest in products and partnerships that leverage data is increasing exponentially.


BurstIQ has been gradually building its network and business. While the company hasn’t disclosed revenue and specific institutional partners, a source close to the company has indicated to us that it is ramping this year at twice last year’s rate and that the growth trajectory could be sustainable through next year. Additionally, BurstIQ has established direct relationships with two major university systems (with two more in the works) in addition to a life sciences service partner. Other partnerships are under various stages of negotiation, and we believe that BurstIQ could experience classic network growth within the context of this modern blockchain technology application.


  • Precision medicine testing
  • Health and wellness services
  • Access to specific customer segments
  • Clinical and operational data and analytics


Solution Providers are organizations that offer products or services within the BurstIQ marketplace. This could include clinical support solutions, patient engagement solutions, organizational wellness programs, benefits providers, payors, direct-to-consumer precision medicine testing services, nutrition or fitness apps, analytics tools, deep learning or artificial intelligence solutions, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy services, health systems, provider practices, or any other B-to-B or B-to-C solutions. Solution Providers may also be Data Managers


The BurstIQ Platform stores, manages, transfers and analyzes large, complex data sets by combining three core capabilities:

  • an innovative approach to securing data through extended blockchain constructs,
  • complex data rights management using smart contracts and dynamic permissioning, and
  • machine intelligence to empower continuous learning. The platform consists of three distinct service levels: Secure Data Grid, LifeGraphTM, and Ecosystem.

Artifical Inteligence

The BurstIQ platform provides the technological foundation to dramatically reduce barriers to assemble, evaluate, and analyze data for millions of individuals over long periods of time. To accomplish this required not only a new approach to store data, but a variety of complex algorithms that enable privacy, security, and ownership. The platform enables and drives a marketplace where individuals, organizations and researchers can buy data, sell data, create new business opportunities, test research ideas, optimize business operations, and collaborate using large, complex health data sets that are protected and secure.

Token Usage

BurstIQ is offering BiQs as a means to create a community of people and organizations who are interested in creating a truly universal health data exchange and marketplace – with BiQs being the primary economic currency.

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