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CashBag – a transactional cash back aggregator
CashBag.co is a transactional cash back aggregator that enables consumers to secure discounts and cash back for shopping and transacting online at thousands of participating global merchants. For each transaction concluded CashBag members earn cash back which is collected by CashBag from the participating merchant, accrued to the member wallet and paid out in fiat to linked bank or PayPal accounts.
CashBag will through this token issue add a feature rich environment to its platform, including an ERC20 compliant wallet which will enable features such as fiat / token conversion, advertising purchases, member rewards accumulation and redemption, instant transfers and the ability for members to transact both within CashBag and with any other ERC20 compliant wallet. Ethereum underpinning technologies enable CashBag to empower its members to own, earn and trade tokens without requiring them to understand any of the underlying infrastructure. This will drive up adoption and use of the token, increase market liquidity and enable tradability.


CashBag has partnered with hundreds of global merchants and continues to onboard new merchants daily. These merchants all agree to share revenue based on transactional income generated by CashBag online shoppers. Through their direct & network integrations with the merchants they are able to report transactions in real-time and accrue cash back savings for their members. Advertisers pay CashBag transactional revenue, based as a percentage of the total sales revenue generated from the transactions facilitated through their platform. Additionally, CashBag earns ancillary revenue from promotional and marketing opportunities on the website, toolbar & in the mobile application.
CashBag has an Android Application and a Desktop Helper App (Firefox Safari Chrome) which once installed automatically alert consumers to savings when shopping online. The site is mobile optimized and their Android App (iOS launching Q4) enables consumers to browse and search for products and services on the go. CashBag launched in the South African market and rapidly gained traction, growing to 135,000 members within months. The next step was to expand into multiple markets and add multi-currency support including US$, GBP, EUR and AUD with more currencies following.


The CashBag Token (CBC), a token based on Ethereum, is an important element of their marketplace. Ethereum is an open source, blockchain-based, distributed computing platform oriented towards smart contracts. Effectively, Ethereum is a distributed virtual machine that allows end users to construct smart contracts for transactions. Smart contracts are stateful applications stored in the Ethereum blockchain. These contracts are cryptographically secure and can verify or enforce performance of the contract. Token contracts are a standard feature of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Token Issue information

They will issue a total of 367,000,000 tokens. A maximum of 120,000,000 will be sold at 1 ETH:6000 tokens.

Crowdsale Bonus Tokens Tokens / ETH limit Start Date
PRESALE 40% Bonus 1ETH: 8400 (2000ETH) Now Open
WEEK 1 20% Bonus 1ETH: 7200 12 March 2018
WEEK 2 15% Bonus 1ETH: 6900 19 March 2018
WEEK 3 10% Bonus 1ETH: 6600 26 March 2018
WEEK 4 NO BONUS 1ETH: 6000 2 April 2018

For more information, visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.


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