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CLOUT – Media Decentralised

CLOUT aims to become the standard in quality for everything crypto -news, media, and investment. It is an online based integrated software that gives cryptocurrency investors a home. CLOUT aims to solve the issues by creating a new social-media platform where curation is incentivized and where advertising revenue is shared with the content creators, thus spreading the wealth that is generated through digital content and further advancing the overall ethos of decentralization and cryptocurrencies. CLOUT is a blockchain-based platform for the cryptocurrency community. A place where all sorts of information about the space can be accessed and shared. CLOUT leverages blockchain technology as an incentive layer for both users and readers, rewarding them for acting in the platform’s best interests.

The CLOUT solution

CLOUT provides users with an intuitive interface based on the familiar social media concept. Users can monetize their crypto-related content, ensuring that the wealth they generate is not diverted to any other individual. On the other hand, readers are financially incentivized to monitor the platform and to curate content, promoting high-quality material and demoting poorly written, inaccurate or plagiarized content.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology works as a digital, distributed ledger in which transactions, balances, wallet addresses, and more are chronologically recorded. Information stored on the blockchain is both public and immutable.
The blockchain has made an immense impact on society and it is here to stay. Major businesses and corporations have not been able to deny the echnological and financial advancements that blockchain technology brings to the world. The entire blockchain community is desperate for a place dedicated to it and only it. A place where the community can truly thrive as its rapid adoption continues worldwide.

The CLOUT Platform

The CLOUT Platform leverages blockchain technology to provide a multi-language platform where content creators and curators are incentivized to post and share high quality content globally. Through the CLOUT Platform, users will be able to create an account, edit their profile, search and find content, interact with the built-in CLOUT wallet and start posting and sharing posts. The CLOUT Platform will feature a familiar and intuitive user interface with the common characteristics of a social media platform. CLOUT will implement Artificial Intelligence to automatically compose user views ensuring that each user is always greeted with the most relevant content, according to prior activity.

Platform Development

CLOUT is more than just an idea. They have begun designing and developing the CLOUT platform. Creating a revolutionary platform with maximum functionality for the user is our #1 priority. Building CLOUT is a challenging, yet exciting process since CLOUT’s functions differently from other blockchain networks by design. The coding reflects these difficult and intricate advancements within the system.

The CLOUT Platform will run the following programming languages:

  • Angular 2
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts

Financial Growth

The CLOUT team members main priorities are the advancement of CLOUT and to make an overall positive impact on the growth of the cryptocurrency community, further advancing the mainstream adoption movement for blockchain technology. CLOUT aims to become a cornerstone in the cryptocurrency community. They intend to grow with the entire market and become the flagship platform for all crypto-related information and knowledge. The success of the CLOUT tokens will be measured in the long term.


Currently, cryptocurrency investors are forced to choose from a variety of different social media platforms when looking to access quality information pertaining to cryptocurrency. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Steemit are the only option for users. These websites are social media networks first and foremost and when crypto-related content is featured, it is always reduced to a sub-category of the platform. Reddit alone has over 50 different “sub-Reddits” dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Steemit’s reputation system largely compromises the integrity of information on it because it allows a small group of users with a high “reputation” level to dictate much of the content on the site.


If you want more information, visit the WEBSITE and read the WHITEPAPER.

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